Hair we go again. Winter is here for awhile and while it’s here, there is HAIR that needs winter care. Is it different than other seasons you might ask? Well no not really except the cold weather makes it more difficult to groom and for many horses they are turned out in their winter pastures and not seen for several weeks or more.  The Manely regime would be the same but the environment will change how often and how much an application or Polisher or shock will be, and for many no washing at all for months on end.

SO do the best you can do…sometimes its run out apply some polisher , no brushing, and in fact a double , triple dose would be great so it will give  you extra time in-between applications, sometimes up to several weeks to a month.  The most popular product for many in the extreme cold temps is the POLISHER…it will not freeze below 0, in fact we have had reports of negative temps and the polisher was usable…(although cold hands, unless you have an indoor barn to groom)

So just do what you can and if you can’t maintain just jump on it as soon as the temps warm up.


In the meantime…enjoy your Holidays and all your Equine Friends and Dogs too… and of course we can not leave out the best THE BARN CATS…They are special too!

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