Winter Grooming made Easier

Winter grooming definitely can be challenging…but don’t fret we have Hydrate 24 and Polisher for you. Add our grooming brushes and you can maintain a clean horse without washing. Remember to curry and brush a lot too! Brushing removes  dirt, dander and spreads the horses natural protective oils…which can help prevent dirt form clinging,  rain rot and other skin issues.

Use the polisher will not freeze and it helps to prevent the snow balls around the feather so use it as prevention, apply to mane, tail, forelock and feather.

If you have a muddy horse, wait till it dries and use the Hydrate 24 along with our polisher. Add a shedding blade, curry and our maintenance brush…begin grooming and removing the dirt.

Again don’t make it hard try the Manely Long Hair system…and when spring comes the hair will be beautiful and well protected and ready for Show Season .


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