TRISTAN, a Gypsy Vanner, owned by Sophy Foy, of SPRING BRANCH STABLES

JULIETTE, a Mustang owned by Rita Hanson

WHITE HAIR, WHITE TAILS, WHITE MANE…or is this a tale of woe.

No not a tale of woe, but a Tail of Wow!


Where do we start? Ok I know, I got an email from a new customer, and wanted to know why her horses tail is not as white as the ones pictured above. She started using the product the very end of winter 2021 on a very dirty, Urine stained and dry tail. She started with Shock for aprox. 5 weeks and washed after 5 weeks, she liked the results and liked it better than a harsh whitening shampoo that only damaged it once  before, but it’s not as white as she expected. Many factors to consider.

Hair TYPE:

Is the hair truly white or does it have a mix of colors. If its truly white you will know for the shock treatment will only hydrate true yellow  stains out without altering the normal hair color. Other bleach type shampoos will whiten the Norm out and are harder to keep white and stain free because it’s not the true natural color.

To keep this simple hear me out. If you maintain your horses hair throughout all the seasons and protect it with quality products such as Manely the stains will not penetrate the hair shaft and only sit on the outside of the hair, and they are removed with our Restore shampoo. By maintaining with H24 and polisher and shock you can avoid a lot of heartache and grooming blues; MLH system keeps the hair, hydrated, protected and stronger to endure the horses environment. Just by proper prep and maintenance you can avoid damaged and stained hair. Dry damaged and urine burnt hair is irreversible and in fact may end up breaking off.

If you started the MLH system with very damaged hair, please give it time, sometimes 3 months but don’t give up there is a happy grooming ending just by maintaining and letting MLH work for you 24/7. “IT REALLY DOES WORK”  If it’s not working for you let us help you and trouble shoot  the situation.

At the end of the day we are here to help you groom and to enjoy the grooming of your beautiful special horse friend.


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