WHY is my horses hair dry, brittle, tangled, dreadlocks, breaking, flaky skin or not growing?

These are just a few of the basic questions horse owners ask. Eventhough genetics and nutirition  play a roll in the type of hair growth for a specific breed Grooming and proper hair care are contributing factors in the growth and health of the hair.

There are products on the market that people use that can acutally damage the hair follicle inhibiting healthy growth and  permanently damaging the hair follicle altogether. The animal  grooming products do not have to list all the ingredients on the labels leaving the buyer in “buyer beware”. Unforutnately many customers also buy household products to use on their horses which are extremely harsh, removing protective oils and permanently damaging the skin, hair follicles and hair and are not meant for animal usage!

A hair follicle needs to be nourished both from the inside and OUT!  Poor quality ingredients, detergents, solvents and some oil types  and combination of ingredients (just to name a few) will damage the hair and its hair follicle. This is where Manely Long Hair products differentiate from the others.  Our products are made with the highest quality of ingredients and a purpose!  All our ingredients are high quality Human grade, listed on our lables,  therefore people can use our products on their own hair too!

Our products will nourish the hair and the hair follicle when properly applied and maintained. Follow our system to maintain and brush properly  for they to assist in the cleaning , spreading of the products and working with the natural protective oils of the horse.

The horses natural hair oils serve a purpose, for they are protective and nourishing too. Proper brushing is integral for healthy hair, skin and  healthy hair growth. Brushing  stimulates blood fl0w to the hair follicle and cleans the skin and hair,  keeping it debris free; dander, dirt and preventing mites and mite dander from inhibiting health hair growth. Overwashing the horse  especially with harsh detergents will remove the protective oils leaving the hair and skin more susceptible to bacteria, skin diseases, sunburn, dry and broken hair to name a few.


Manely Long Hair was created for Proper Prep and Care of your horse, a system that is easier and it works!

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