So many choices these days, they all seem overwhelming. So many products to choose from in the marketplace. So how does one choose and how do we decide. Good Question!

If you are not happy with results then it is definitely time to try something else. So many products truly underperform due to lower quality ingredients. Product companies are looking to make more money by slashing quality; we see that in our food system  and in manufacturing globally these days

Mane-ly Long Hair  has been around for over 20+ years and our number one Moto has not changed “Quality no matter what the cost”. Quality for us also equals results, and that is what our goal always is, what are the results!

So as a new customer I recommend starting with our Basic or Supreme Starter Kit, our system will provide all that you need for grooming and most importantly preventative care.

It’s an easy and quick system making Grooming and Maintenance Care more enjoyable for both you and  most importantly your horse!

Now if you do not want the system initially then just start with the Polisher / Detangler  and you will see how great it is, leaving you to want the rest of the system.

So thank you for deciding on the Best that WORKS!

(Pic: The EPIC Grooming System).


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