Over the years we have captured new customers for grooming of their own hair! Manely Long Hair is made for People too. It’s my personal favorite and it had to go through many tests and trials to get my thumbs up, it had to work on Human Hair  (dogs as well as horses) !

I have personally used so many products over the years and some inexpensive over the counter and some extremely expensive salon brands. Periodically I still test products just to see if anything has changed.

Having spend many years in the  hair and skincare industry I do evaluate peoples hair and skin when I see them.  I see this continously: lackluster, unhealthy color treated  hair is over-dried, lifeless, over treated and just dead looking, I am puzzled by this with so many “great products on the market”, but are they great??

I think we are oversold and expect to much when some of the simplest steps work great!


Quit overwashing the hair!  One of the keys in washing less is finding products that will not coat or weigh the hair down, including hair gels, hair sprays, rinse out conditioners and shampoos too etc. A lot of shampoos and conditioners leave a residue just when washing , then add styling aids and you will even wash more often. When using styling products the hair gets coated, greasy, weighed down, dried out even more in a day or two and then washing is mandatory because the hair is just “yuck”. Perhaps its time to try less stying products and working with some natural beauty to your hair.


Deep Cleanse Shampoos and Conditioners

These are needed to remove all the styling products residues. Now they are not used for daily use but once weekly is advised. Once rinsed out use a conditioner that hydrates and will not coat  and weigh the hair down.(Manely Restore Shampoo and Conditioner)


Add a detangler to repair, detangle and protect. Yes these three  along with the proper brush for detangling and maintaining the hair. After towel drying your hair add a few drops of polisher to your hair and spread through. Take the Manely detangler brush and start brushing the hair from bottom up, inch by inch. Once brushed through start your styling, blow dry etc. If you need more polisher add a drop as needed. The polisher is great to protect the hair from the heat and repair the cuticle too.



Once styled use less styling gels, hair sprays etc and brush with our Maintenance brush to clean the scalp and hair and spread the natural oils while stimulating the blood flow in the scalp.

Try the above and see if you can lengthen the time in-between washings, you will find your hair will be healthier and stronger too. Remember less is more, and you’ll get “more better” results too.

Try using our hydrate 24  or shock in-between washings and for styling your hair too.

Let us know your hair journey too.

Thank you and Enjoy Grooming,




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