Hair we go again. Winter is here for awhile and while it’s here, there is HAIR that needs winter care. Is it different than other seasons you might ask? Well no not really except the cold weather makes it more difficult to groom and for many horses they are turned out in their winter pastures and not seen for several weeks or more.  The Manely regime would be the same but the environment will change how often and how much an application or Polisher or shock will be, and for many no washing at all for months on end.

SO do the best you can do…sometimes its run out apply some polisher , no brushing, and in fact a double , triple dose would be great so it will give  you extra time in-between applications, sometimes up to several weeks to a month.  The most popular product for many in the extreme cold temps is the POLISHER…it will not freeze below 0, in fact we have had reports of negative temps and the polisher was usable…(although cold hands, unless you have an indoor barn to groom)

So just do what you can and if you can’t maintain just jump on it as soon as the temps warm up.


In the meantime…enjoy your Holidays and all your Equine Friends and Dogs too… and of course we can not leave out the best THE BARN CATS…They are special too!


Winter Care can be so daunting, especially in the frigid temps. For some of us it’s Too cold to go out and groom. But here’s the way I tackle winter grooming. I look at the weather report and know ahead a time what the forecast will be in the next week or 2. If its super bad I make sure to load up on the application of the Polisher or Shock treatment, enough to last 1-2 weeks in the hair! If you do not have a barn then outdoor grooming in the cold can be rough but we make the best of it. Just run out to the horse and apply quickly, distribute and your done, apply to the dirty tail too. If you get a break in the weather then bring ouT your brushes and hydrate 24 and do a winter groom.

Take a look below at the before of a muddy horse and the after, all done with what’s featured below…No washing at all…..Hydrate 24 is the body grooming along with the 4 body brushes and it will clean and distribute the natural protective oils of the horses coat without removing them, for the winter protection they need.

Brushing the body is important especially our deep curry! Try your best and pick the right time that works for you and your equine friend. But remember if you can’t,  just run out apply the shock to the mane and tail and run back in(or walk..lol)….this will save you lots of headaches later in spring.











40 years & I finally found a product to RAVE about!!
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how much we love the Shampoo, Conditioner and Polisher! I have been in the equine industry showing horses for 40 years and this is the first hair product I have raved over.  I have let all of our horse show friends know how much we love it! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create such a great product, my Gypsian Stallion who loves to roll a couple times a day in his dirtiest part of his corral is still shiny and soft days later after his bath, his mane and tail are also still soft and easy to brush, this is great! Thanks again
why?? Please do not make it so difficult!

Why make it so hard? It is really an easy process, just maintain with the BEST and you will have AMAZING RESULTS! Just add the BEST, by Mane-ly Long Hair.

Battlefield Angel “EZRA” model Breyer Horses 2022

Congratulations Rhiannon Barreda of Wing & a Prayer Farm, what a dream come true, and you deserve it. Thank you for your Service and thank you for being a Mane-ly Ambassador as well. Ezra is spectacular and Enjoy the Accolades! A dream come true.

Sharon, founder of Mane-ly Long Hair standing with her horse, Sedona
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Add some TLC – Riding, boating, swimming, hiking …

NOT JUSTS FOR HORSES, but for People too! The Polisher is amazing, ” a little dab will do it”. I have been using it on my colored outdoor hair for over 20 years and my hair is healthy and strong, so no breakage. Because it’s made for people we have the smaller 4 oz bottle available just for you. Add this to your hair routine and see the results. Btw no heavy oily feeling and apply to wet or dry hair…it’s so easy!

To Many COOKS in the KITCHEN

Your head must be spinning because after 20 years mine is!! There seems to be a new grooming line every few weeks…makes my head spin. The thing that gets me the most is when people talk the talk and really don’t know what they are saying! So many stories and of course the internet gives them the platform. The bottom line is there is a differnce between products, the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients. So many formulas and so many opinions. So many experiences from so many…

A lot goes into producing a quality product, and Manely has been a proven quality product. Over 20 yrs. and going strong our formula has stayed the same because of the quality. We have not watered it down with various ingredients (solvents especially) that typically are not listed on most animal product labels, because they don’t have too!! Because we are also made for people we have to show our ingredients, we have nothing to hide!

Please know Silicones yes that word ending in cones is a good thing! It’s not bad at all, what makes it bad is the low quality ones that are diluted down with solvents and the blend that it is. So before you jump onto oh it has Silicones bash,  I will not use it…please know why.

Sometimes you tried a product and perhaps it dried the hair out….well the ingredients are a factor not the silicone alone. The environment plays a roll along with other products you use, ie: oil based formulas and fly sprays. I personally love silicones and I have used them on my hair for years!  I will not groom without a quality silicone base product.

So it’s easy to put the blame on a product or an ingredient but knowledge is the key to using a product that contains a silicone. The answers are not always the truth  if you google it, sometimes the proof is in the pudding.

Pic Below is Bella, Friesian of Winsome Blue Farms.

Her mane is thick and healthy, and quite silky for Friesian hair which tends to be coarse to begin with. Keep the hair tangle free and protected with Shock and Polisher….it’s easy too!

Winter Grooming made Easier

Winter grooming definitely can be challenging…but don’t fret we have Hydrate 24 and Polisher for you. Add our grooming brushes and you can maintain a clean horse without washing. Remember to curry and brush a lot too! Brushing removes  dirt, dander and spreads the horses natural protective oils…which can help prevent dirt form clinging,  rain rot and other skin issues.

Use the polisher will not freeze and it helps to prevent the snow balls around the feather so use it as prevention, apply to mane, tail, forelock and feather.

If you have a muddy horse, wait till it dries and use the Hydrate 24 along with our polisher. Add a shedding blade, curry and our maintenance brush…begin grooming and removing the dirt.

Again don’t make it hard try the Manely Long Hair system…and when spring comes the hair will be beautiful and well protected and ready for Show Season .


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Let’s talk Rain Rot.. YES It’s preventable!!

Rain Rot, its rotten and yes we can stay proactive and PREVENT IT!!

-BASIC HORSEMANSHIP: BEST way to prevent… Groom Daily,  good hygiene and clean brushes!

Pick a proper curry too. Not just one to shed hair but one that will lift the dander and dirt out, without that your horse is not clean!! Currying will spread the natural protective body oils that keep the skin healthy and defends the invasion of the bacteria. With proper currying and hair brushing it allows oxygen to reach the skin. (Check out our curry for the best in currying)

-Keep the skin heathy with currying  along with Hydrate 24. It will hydrate and condition the skin so it does not become dry and cracked. Dry skin ccompromises the skin, cracking it, leaving it vulnerable to the bacteria where it can enter and propagate!.

-Reduce environmental factors: provide shelters during rainy weather.

-KEEP Mud off the skin….again curry daily!

-Waterproof blankets

-During the cold season if you have blanketed, remove blanket every few days so skin can breathe , now curry too!

-Every few days the horse should get the minimum  of a curry and brush over the entire body. Apply some shock or polisher to the manes, tails, forelock and feather too! Finish with Hydrate 24 system and buff for longer protection.


-If you don’t have the time to bring your horse in and “Make Pretty” just get the dirt off, keep hair and skin healthy…CURRY CURRY CURRY!



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PASS on the KETCHUP PLEASE!!!! Pass the MANE-LY Please

YES, YOU HAVE HEARD IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN……KETCHUP TO WHITEN AND BRIGHTEN, BLEACH TOO, AND SO MANY MORE harsh household  products are used for a quick fix…..but be careful you are entering a buyers endless  hole…

Ketchup…its not cheap, I like it on my fries and hamburgers, my horses hair..NO!!!!…..a quick fix…no! In fact these acid and detergents rough up the outside of the hair cuticle, making them more likely to stain and discolor and needing more and more to take out the stains and then more to correct the brittle hair and dryness….what is this all about?…..You’ll never catch up and in fact you have just dug yourself into a product buying hole, buying more and more products to fix a problem that created a problem that created a problem and that goes on and on…never fixing the cause and costing more and more and more….

Guess what you can fix this with a system that works, easy to use, easy to maintain, and a great value…..stains and bad hair are preventable!! GET OUT OF THE HOLE!!! ENTER the Enjoy Grooming!

PREVENT AND YOU WILL SAVE TIME AND MONEY…staining along with dry, brittle damaged hair is not a quick fix…it can take months, but if its done properly with time, patience and Mane-ly  you will be preventing; No more imbedded stains , repair  and hydrate the hair while keeping it cleaner and stronger too…

While maintaining with the proper program no more stains and no damaged hair!!! YES IT’S TRUE…..Mane-ly may seem expensive up front, but in fact it is not. The products are concentrated quality ingredients, that are long lasting and work! Mane-y is made for Horses, Dogs, People too!

Get ahead of the buying hole now…get our starter kit, or start with hydrate 24 , polisher, and shampoo…..its  so easy and you will find ongoing results as you maintain….remember it may not be quick but you will Fix the Problem and get of of the endless buying hole….Enjoy grooming  with  Mane-ly  Long  Hair.

Julia Eva and her paint horse


Brushes… be kind to your brushes, this Tote will be there as your assistant

Brushes need to keep their shape in order to be the most effective in grooming. What good are crinkled smooshed brushes? If you keep your brushes stored properly you will find them in tip top shape for faster and effective grooming, plus they will clean deeper and faster, making your grooming easier and most importantly effective…. We have designed this amazing waxed canvas tote to keep your brushes stored and in shape for quick usage in addition to carrying all your Manely Products inside the bag.  Make Grooming easier, and faster for a cleaner horse and more time for you…..ENJOY GROOMING.


Go to the drop down menu under category Manely Me and More, Totes-

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WR Great Scott…thanks to Manely Long Hair…he stays white

Our Gypsy horse stays white and clean. We show a lot and he is so easy to get show ready. We maintain weekly with hydrate 24, shock and polisher…..when it comes time to wash the restore shampoo is magical…..white, silky, with shine. Easy to use all year long too.