To Many COOKS in the KITCHEN

Your head must be spinning because after 20 years mine is!! There seems to be a new grooming line every few weeks…makes my head spin. The thing that gets me the most is when people talk the talk and really don’t know what they are saying! So many stories and of course the internet gives them the platform. The bottom line is there is a differnce between products, the ingredients and the quality of the ingredients. So many formulas and so many opinions. So many experiences from so many…

A lot goes into producing a quality product, and Manely has been a proven quality product. Over 20 yrs. and going strong our formula has stayed the same because of the quality. We have not watered it down with various ingredients (solvents especially) that typically are not listed on most animal product labels, because they don’t have too!! Because we are also made for people we have to show our ingredients, we have nothing to hide!

Please know Silicones yes that word ending in cones is a good thing! It’s not bad at all, what makes it bad is the low quality ones that are diluted down with solvents and the blend that it is. So before you jump onto oh it has Silicones bash,  I will not use it…please know why.

Sometimes you tried a product and perhaps it dried the hair out….well the ingredients are a factor not the silicone alone. The environment plays a roll along with other products you use, ie: oil based formulas and fly sprays. I personally love silicones and I have used them on my hair for years!  I will not groom without a quality silicone base product.

So it’s easy to put the blame on a product or an ingredient but knowledge is the key to using a product that contains a silicone. The answers are not always the truth  if you google it, sometimes the proof is in the pudding.

Pic Below is Bella, Friesian of Winsome Blue Farms.

Her mane is thick and healthy, and quite silky for Friesian hair which tends to be coarse to begin with. Keep the hair tangle free and protected with Shock and Polisher….it’s easy too!

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