Summer is here and the horses are sweltering…..

I had a Manely long-time customer call me about rinsing and washing horses daily in the summer heat. Summer climates are different all over the world and horses’ reactions are also different. So try to make the best decisions for your horse in keeping them cool, comfortable and clean in the summer heat.

Sweating is good for a horse it helps to cool them off but the sweat can also leave a residue of minerals making the skin and coat dull and sometimes sticky and difficult to curry.  Some horse owners rinse their horses off daily and some even wash with shampoo, BUT too much washing is also harmful to the horse’s skin and coat. In fact, washing and removing the horse’s protective oils can leave the skin defenseless, dull and sensitive.

So what do we recommend?  If you choose to rinse and cool your horse off daily, spray the H24 all over your horse then rinse with water. By applying H24 before rinsing it gives the skin some protection and prevents stripping of the horse’s oils, we call it a soothing bath. After rinsing reapply H24 and fly spray if needed.

Use the Restore shampoo every week or few weeks for a deeper cleanse to remove dander and dirt buildup. Make sure to maintain and curry often and use the H24 dry groom system if you can to spread the natural protective oils of the horse.

Keep your horse cool and protected but do not over wash with shampoos…Use our H24 as a soothing hydrating daily rinse with water.

clean and no bath




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