By, Joni Valerio

It’s been several years now since I found you at the Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA.  Boy was that my lucky day.  I can’t imagine how I’d manage all this hair without your products.  Gypsy Vanner owners are on a constant quest to find the very best products to keep all that hair tangle-free.  Well, I’ve stopped looking, now that I’ve found your Conditioner/Hydrator.  I’ve learned the trick is to keep the hair CLEAN and MOISTURIZED, and this product does that.

A much-overlooked part of hair care seems to be the brushes.  The reason why my pony’s mane and tail are so full is because I use your maintenance brush – it doesn’t pull the hair out like most brushes do.  And, here’s something I’ve learned- I only use a brush  once before I  wash it.  That helps keep the hair clean; no point in using a dirty brush on clean hair.  Thus, I own 5 of your maintenance brushes.

Adding some context to this testimonial, the little guy in these [before & after] photos is the son of a

Gypsy Vanner featured on a big-name competitor’s product.

Yep, that’s his Daddy!