I love the product. Here in Florida it does not get very cold and if it does its only for a few days and warms right back up again. Due to that the bugs never totally go away. Most of the detanglers have a sweet fragrance or floral smell that attracts bugs, yours does not. If I was going on a trail ride I would not groom his mane and tail due to attracting bugs. I used your product and did not have that problem. When I used your detangler for the first time it had been a week since I had brushed his mane and tail and only 1 single piece of hair came out. I love that your hands don’t have a greasy film on them after using the detangler. I do show Dancer so I want his mane and tail long, smooth and beautiful. I am 100% satisfied with all your products. I will be spreading the word on your products and letting people try mine first to see how wonderful it is before they order it. At Sundays trail ride 2 people tried mine and loved it. I gave them the website to go to for more info and to order. Thanks for making a great product!

My horse seen here is a Rocky Mountain. He is 11 years old, will be 12 on 4/28. His Barn name is Dancer, his registered name is Del Rios Fire Dancer. He is a red chocolate with white mane and tail. He is 15 hands tail. I trail ride him, show him, pen cows on him and do street parades with him. He is always very willing. He would much rather be dirty then clean.I have owned a lot of horses in my life and Dancer is the best horse I have ever owned!