Kim Belajac Pinello
Feedback on the Mane-ly Long Hair products from a customer who has been very frustrated with her mares mane and coat…….

“I only have one problem with the Mane-ly grooming products…What in the world am I going to do with the buckets and buckets of other grooming products I have that don’t even touch this stuff! Its amazing!!! I did a quick once over on my mare and even without bathing her first she felt like high dollar fur on hooves! I took a hot wet wash cloth and put the conditioner on it and went through her tail several times (rinsing and redosing the cloth as it got dirty). I can’t believe how even without shampoo her icky yellow tail got brighter and brighter. Once I finished with the conditioner her tail felt like silk even before the polisher. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I’ll bet we make it through the summer with a full, thick gorgeous mane and tail.”

Thanks so much The Galloping Grape!