Tennessee Walker, “River”

Frigid temps here in Wisconsin!! Discovered your product at Road to the horse last year…..keeps my boys gorgeous mane in great shape no matter the weather.

Jennifer D Everard

Pride got a MUCH needed bath before winter. Pride has such a silky mane, it tends to tangle when left to its own demise. I usually spend more time working on the stains, but this was a quick bath and to wash her mane.
This is why I love MANE-LY PRODUCTS!! Makes my life easier!! Prides mane was horribly tangled and I coated with the Polisher and bam, got it brushed out!!



I must say Thank You soooooo much for your polisher/detangler. I must say, this was money well spent. I was a little skeptical at first, her mane sucks, Knots, after knots , after knots. Well today I used the product for the first time, and MY GOODNESS, ITS AMAZING!!! I WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE….THANK YOU!!


Easy Does it from Rolling thunder Farm..a blue winner all the way. Thank you Manely Long Hair for making grooming easier and a Blue Ribbon Finish always.

The Best Grooming Product, we tell everyone…Jennifer Hemphill


THE BODY IS GROOMED WITH HYDRATE 24, the rest I washed, to cold to wash entire body…Loosens the dirt and stains…LOVE IT


 We use the Products and are elated with them, Thornville Dan pictured here too! (Misty is on the lef)t14446377_10208571876028374_2035804327_o-1…..obviously look at the Hair we work with and its in great condition…we tell all our friends in the U.S. and abroad..

thank you again,

going on 6 years with Manely!

Anna Rousseau Hill

Thank You!

We trust nobody but Manely ……

this Mare has the Hair Gene….Thank you Manely for caring for it…we trust no one but you.

Lou Critelli owner….

long mane and long tail...

Rolling Thunder Farm Riding Clydesdales

pics for catalog 9

Champion Haflinger :Sultan of Hobart Stud

Exquisite Haflinger

jens halfy long tail pic

Haflinger, Jenner Rose Ranch…


Subscat Hollow Arabians


We are about Cydesdales with long Manes , Tails, forelock, and Feathers…..We found the best Grooming line for the Maintenance and Care of our Horses. Keeps their hair stronger, healthier and so easy to maintain!

We love our Manely Long Hair products on our Clydesdales(Easy Does It)
This product is simply amazing removing yellow staining from feather giving a shiny soft silky coat, mane and tail. Rolling Thunder Farm uses and promotes product! The proof is simply in the pudding as they say.

Rolling Thunder Farm, Jen R. Hemphill


 We love tour products!They help keep my boy eye- blindingly white!


Tiffany Gook



Tonight’s version of my mud monster…. Cleaned with hydrate 24 and polisher/detangler…no washing!
Took less than 20 minutes! I love it…look at the amazing results….Thank you for a great product!

Susie Markley

my mud horse