Time and time again I see so many posts recommending harsh detergents to remove the stains from the manes and tails and body.  To name just a few: Ketchup, laundry detergent, dish soap, vinegar, bleach, bluing shampoos (bluing does not remove they just deposit pigment to change the color) ! STOP THIS MADNESS PLEASE!

These Harsh products are extremely drying making the hair even more dry, brittle and more susceptible to soaking up more stains thus creating a viscious cycle only damaging the hair more and then it costs you more time and money  to remedy the stains and now the EXTREME DRYNESS!

2 different horses: top pic: Horse uses Manely Long Hair products bottom pic: Horse uses other product line

This is where the Manely Long Hair system changes the way we groom anad maintain our horses. The system repairs, hydrates and prevents staining from embedding and takes the stains out. Remember it took time to get this way and it will take time to undo the right way, so patience is needed and MLH is required!  MLH(Manely Long Hair) will further prevent staining and dreadfull dry damaged  hair! Our products will hydrate, maintain, and  prevent hair from breaking, staining, tangling; making grooming easier with outstanding results.
Its a quality product line and an easy system that WORKS! Please visit our website to read how the system works and look at our Supreme Grooming Kit, it has it all! A superior long lasting product!



ABOVE are 2 pics from a customer. The bottom pic is a horse she is maintaining with a different product line and the top is a horse she is using  the Manely  system see the difference and read her testimonial below!

Tiffany N Johns‎Trophy Line Manely Long Hair
11 hrs · 12/10/18

“My horse on top I use Manley long hair product on him, My bottom horse I use other products. To do a side by side comparison to other products. Nothing compares to the Manley long hair products. My horses hasn’t been bathed since October do to the temperatures here in pa. My top horse still looks like he gets a bath in the winter with the hydrate 24 treatments! This product simply amazing me how well it works!”

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