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MOST OF US ARE TIRED OF THE COLD, I think our horses are too. AS SOON AS IT WARMS UP..It’s wash time….spa time…ohhhh how good that will feel for us and our Horses.

When we wash for the first time after winter here are a few simple steps :

Spray your horse with Hydrate 24, let it sit for 15 min. if you can. I like this so that it starts to hydrate and loosen the winter mud and dirt.

Step 2: Pre rinse your horse with warm water prior to the application of  Restore Shampoo..

Step 3: Now for a good lather of Restore, use a brush in leg areas and a sponge for the rest of the body. Wash real good, maybe a little elbow grease too or add our deep curry . Let that sit for 5-10 min,

Step 4: Start a thorough rinse with warm water.

Step 5: Apply  MLH conditioner, put into Mane, tail, forelock and feather as well as the body. Make sue to spread it around and thoroughly into the hair. Let it sit 5-15 min. RINSE

Step: 5: Squeegee excess water of the horse.

Step 6:  APPLY the shock or polisher to the wet mane , tail, forelock and feather, leave in, and brush with our Detangler brush, start at the ends and move upward into crest of mane and doc of tail  but brush gently. Spray Hydrate 24 all over the body, leave in.

Step 7: Let the hair dry and go back and brush with our maintenance brush and buff out the body with our Buffer brush.

All clean and ready to Maintain.

Any suggestions always let us know what you do with Mane-ly.

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expires: 4/1/2023


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