Mane-ly for People too! We receive many accolades from our customers that tell us how greatful they are that they found Manely not only for their horses but for their hair and their dogs!!

This never gets old. I thank everyone for all the notes and messages we get. There’s a recent testimonial that I will share. 

“Thank you for making such a great product. My hair grew 3″ longer and I have never had it this long before! I love your products. thank you!”

Time and time again we hear this. Now we are not a growth product but as we use Manely it strengthens the hair and gives it flexibility and helps to prevent breakage, that’s where the growth comes from. 

Restore shampoo: deep cleans the scalp and hair

Conditioner: super hydration but will not weigh or coat the hair down. 

Polisher: protect and detangle the hair, without a residue. A great protector before using hot irons, blow dryers etc. Its also helps to repair colored hair.

So make sure to add Manely to YOUR grooming routine too.

p.s I have been using it for over 20 Yrs and I have found nothing better!!

Enjoy grooming,

Sharon Laman-Sabo.

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