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We don’t just sell a product, we solve your grooming problems! An easy system to allow one to groom faster, easier, and more effectively. Helping to give a longer, silkier, smoother, mane and tail adding shine to the equine coat as well! The product stands on it’s own when used properly. Restoring a horses hair can be process; Time, repetition, and effort. Sometimes quick and sometimes longer, depending on the condition to begin with. BUT Manely improves the overall condition of the hair, keeping hair restored, therefore maintenance is QUICKER and EASIER with SPECTACULAR RESULTS!
Our products are used for regular maintenance and acute care: getting out bad tangles,burrs, & witches knots. And more importantly as MAINTENANCE; to prevent tangles, to keep hair hydrated, cleaner and healthier, softer,silkier and shine too. It will recondition and improve texture! It will also help to prevent breakage when layered with Polisher and using our brushes, thus giving longer manes and tails. The system will protect and clean gently even without washing!
Costs vs price…price is what you pay upfront….because Mane-ly lasts significantly longer and you get outstanding results, the actual costs per use is drastically lower than the other products out there. Their price is lower, but the costs to use them is greatly more, with minimum short term results. THAT’S why our product will ultimately cost you less and give outstanding show ready results..lasting 5 x’s longer plus, than any product currently on the market today.
for Horses, Dogs and People too…

Tips & FACTS

Look here to learn more about Mane-ly Long Hair products and how others use them too!

Value and Results

Our Polisher is truly one of the most valued horse products out there ! Saves lots of TIME AND MONEY, let alone, a 12 oz.bottle of polisher CAN last aprox.6-9 months, for one horse with an average mane and tail, with proper application. People spend more on dewormers , fly sprays and other misc. items, that last only a month. Be a smart shopper and do what’s right for your horse and wallet!
Lasts 5 X’S longer plus….than any other product out there!!



AS a System you with find outstanding results! We recommend a Starter grooming kit, supreme has everything one would need for the entire horse, manes, tails, forelocks, feathers, and full body care.

If you are not ready for the full system, then start with the Polisher/Detangler and Hydrrate 24, and a Detangler brush. Then add the restore shampoo and the body brushes . Remember as a system show ready results, easier maintenance and healthier hair care .

Now I got the product what do I do????

O.K. you finally have the product….Directions are on all the bottles , and on our website under each product you will find more detailed info. Please read the FAQ questions and answers, and the videos are extremely helpful.                                     Here are some answers to some of your questions.

**Do I need to wash my horse before using the products at anytime?

Yes and NO….If you have used other products and are oil based, waxy, build up or any natural oil extract in them, you will need to wash with our restore shampoo! The other products will prevent the product from penetrating and not absorbing properly into hair. Even while using the MLH system wash periodically if you are using a Natural fly spray for they contain oil extacts. Refrain from spraying on the manes and tails to prolong MLH treatment, if not wash more often. Use MLH system for the best in results!


Manes and Tails are Dry and Brittle what do I do?
Answer: Do not wash(unless other product is left in before) and try not to brush for a week or 2!!! Please use our Dry Manes and Tails recipe(SHOCK) every few days to help to nourish the hair quickly! Now after that you can start to wash with the restore shampoo,rinse, apply conditioner after, use all over body and manes tail etc, use the hose to dilute and distribute throughout and rinse out. Now apply polisher to the wet manes and tails, forelocks feathers too! Take the detangler brush and start at the bottom and work upward! Get into the dock and the crest of the mane. Finish the body with an application of Hydrate 24!

Question: How do I get my horses manes and tails the whitest and stains removed?
Use the dry manes and tails recipe on this page,(SHOCK)
Continue your maintenance weekly (1-2 x’x a week with Hydrate 24 and Polisher, thats the best program)
Hydrate 24 left in with polisher over helps to dissolve dirt AND STAINS continuously  in the manes and tails, forelock, feathers and on the body. Helps to keep Grey horses and flaxen manes and tails in tip top condition and cleaner longer. Repairs the hair shaft so dirt will not embed deep it will stay on the surface.

After above…..THEN WASH  with Restore shampoo it  will now deep clean without damaging or bleaching the hair, through hydration. Because the stain and dirt has been softening with the Shock it will now wash most of it out. IF some staining resides continue with the shock treatment again.

after rinse out shampoo, apply conditoner, rinse out, then apply Polisher and brush with detangler brush….DONE!




(Manely products needed: Polisher/protector and conditioner)

There are situations that occur that leaves our horses Manes and Tails dried out/damaged/stained/ and breakage .  A  few would be over washing, harsh shampoos, poor grooming ,and not using Manely as your regular Maintenance! Cold weather, wind,  and dry climates dry hair out too. Then there are poor quality grooming products that show no results, or in fact create the dryness; whitening shampoos, alcohol base products, insufficient quality ingredients,detergents etc. Then of course there is  our own responsibility in maintaining grooming on a regular basis, which I might add is very easy with Mane-ly Long Hair.

Regular maintenance includes using our products and brushing several times a week. Brushing with our brushes will  help clean the hair and spread the horses natural oils, in addition to distributing Mane-ly Long Hair grooming products. When the polisher is used , brushing is easy and will not damage the hair. THE polisher  protects and prevents…..its magical.

The next step is to apply this great treatment to help repair/restore and improve, prevent dryness, and pull out dirt and urine stains!


Take equal parts of our Conditioner/Moisturizer and Polisher/Protector  and mix in the palms of  slightly dampen hands or apply the mixture to slightly dampen hair(spray with hydrate 24 to dampen hair) Distribute evenly throughout the mane and tail . Use approximately a a dollar  coin size OF EACH (remember those) and  LEAVE IN! (do not brush if hair is dry or damaged)

You will find once you distribute it will absorb in the next day or so. It will provide a treatment that will help repair and prevent more damage from the harsh elements. Reapply in a few days if needed. For severe dryness and urine stains( if not dry and urine stains, wash with restore shampoo first!), use every other other day for a 2 week  period or longer, then return to regular maintenance.

After the 2 week period wash (if weather permits) with our RESTORE SHAMPOO, rinse, condition with MLH conditoner, rinse out conditioner, and apply polisher to the wet hair, brush with the detangler brush..and now you continue with MLH maintenance program.

THIS RECIPE can be used on dry dirty manes and tails, no washing needed, or to clean wet manes and tails.

Enjoy this great treatment  weekly , monthly, and use as often as you need too!

*Here is a bonus coupon you can apply at checkout for $2.00 off a 32oz. Conditioner. code is:  2off

When to SHAMPOO , and why Restore shampoo

Restore is a deep cleanse shampoo removing build up, film, dirt, prepared stains,  product and hydrates the hair at the same time! Helping it get silky and smoother too! Its not Just a shampoo but one that works with the MLH system….does not dry out or destroy  the hair, but leave it clean, and hydrated too!

MOST  shampoos and Whitening shampoos (blueing) work by stripping the stain from the hair. This damages the hair SHAFT as it makes it DRY and BRITTLE and more susceptible to more staining,breaking, knotting, etc…. oh yes a Vicious cycle.
But here’s what is so important; by keeping the hair in tip top condition it is less likely to stain, break, tangle and dry out!! Allowing your horse to maximize its genetic potential too, having a fuller, longer mane, tail etc.;Extremely important to have, to protect against insects, that may cause an array of problems and health concerns.
-Our polisher is the guard to prevent! Keeps the hair strong, with Keratin and Vitamin B. IN addition our amazing 3 layered silicone system, NEVER DRYS OR DAMAGES THE HAIR!!! No alcohols, no drying agents.
The Restore shampoo is gentle deep cleanse shampoo for all hair types. Really cleans without damaging the hair. Once on the MLH program it is important to shampoo with Restore for it will remove the build up of treatment allowing to deep cleanse and Hydrate preparing the hair for the MLH maintenance again. Please note its for horses, dogs PEOPLE TOO!!
(-Our brushes are the best, remember the tools for the right job!
-Our conditioner is magical….multi purpose, used to repair then rinse out after washing and used as a leave in formula(hydrate 24)for the manes and tails to hydrate and keep cleaner;it works by dissolving the dirt, its left in and polisher over, and then for the body as Hydrate 24, to shine and protect the body and keep it cleaner too!
Remember over washing is not good! Mane-ly can be used on dry dirty manes, tails, hair, full body….unique system used with the right brushes, allows for less washing and healthier skin and hair!)
Mane-ly Long Hair does the repair and the preventative work! Keeps the hair, longer , silkier, smoother, and cleaner! Makes it easy for you and your horse.
Grooming is integral to keeping a healthy happy horse and a happy you!

Protect Against The Elements

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, doesn’t matter for we are for all seasons! When winter hits and many of you are doing your last bath of the season, don’t let the bad weather prevent you from grooming. Mane-ly Long Hair can be used on a dry, dry dirty, wet dirty, wet, Mane, tail, forelock and feathers. Spray Hydrate 24 in and leave it in. Protect the hair from the brittle cold weather with Polisher, protecting the hair from the harsh elements, cold(does not freeze 30 below), wind, snow, ice.

Read about Dry Manes and Tails for a great winter weather treatment.

Apply Polisher to feathers to prevent ice balls from clinging and damaging the feathers!!!

-our POLISHER/PROTECTOR does NOT FREEZE IN THE BARN!!!!so use it regularly, at least once a week to prevent, protect and nourish the hair!

Hydrate 24 Coat Conditioner, cleaner, stain dissolves and winning finish...

Hydrate 24 is great not only for the mane,tail,forelock and feathers TO HYDRATE more, but it is used as a waterless cleaner and a conditioner for the body coat to give it protection and amazing SHINE! GIves it SHINE, conditions, protects, and helps repel the dirt too! It ALSO KEEPS white whiter and brighter too, for it works 24/7 to dissolve stains and dirt through hydration while conditioning. Horses stay cleaner longer when using on the body and  our 4 step brush and buff method. In the manes, tails, forelock and feathers it is dissolving the stains, urine, dirty etc through hydration. Best used several times a weekly and daily is great too!
To formulate Hydrate 24, use our Conditioner and our Hydrate 24 Bottle pack; the mix bottle has the mix proportions/and mixers inside to help the blend and the Hydrasol is the aerosol sprayer (non aerosol) to spray out the mix . Ordinary spray bottles can not spray the thicker viscosity of Hydrate 24, plus its the quietest sprayer on the market today.

You will love this formula so much, you might want to blend it into a bullet blender after measuring in your mix bottle, for ease and perfect blend…less clogging of the Hydrasol too!( We learned this from a customer that grooms many horses and uses several bottles a day)!Save $$$$$$$$ mix it yourself. MLH conditioner + Hydrate 24 bottles=hydrate 24!!!!

The Right Tools For The Right Job

Our Mane and tail brushes are truly the best! No seams in the handles and the bristle nubs are moulded with no seams, so hair can not get stuck and break! Extremely durable for the thickest of manes and tails to the thinnest most fragile. Great for your own hair too!
Trying to detangle knots then Use the Detangler Brush to gently tap out knots once the Polisher has been applied, tap and detangle with your fingers.
Our body brushes are all made in U.S.A. and are washable. Brushes are important for they help clean and maintain, keeping your horse clean even when not washing. Great when using our Hydrate 24 mixture in prepping and applying the Hydrate 24 for shine or waterless cleanse.

Ingredients, Facts, about Silicones

The Polisher is truly amazing with long lasting benefits.Not only does it keep the hair detangled longer, but it de-matts, de-frizz , repels and leaves the hair in great condition. Not Oily and no residue either. Once applied it can last up to approximately 5-14 days in your horses hair!(some testimonials even longer!) It contains 3 Layered High Quality Silicones(both water soluble and non) Keratin, and Vitamin B. Leaving the hair, soft, silky, with shine and tangle free. Silicones are actually very good for the hair, if they are made like ours, High Quality and mixed with the right ingredients! The silicones act like an invisible tail bag, while protecting the hair from the elements. The Keratin and B do their job to help to condition and improve the hairs texture. No alcohol in our formula, so it does not dry the hair out!!!

Check out the testimonials for the real truth!


Concentrates Save $$$$$

The Conditioner/Moisturizer is used after shampooing.. It is a concentrate, so a little goes a long ways, lightweight and no residue. Apply to the horses body too, for silky shine and smoothness throughout. This product makes our great Hydrate 24 product too! Again another great product saves $$$ and gives Blue Ribbon Results. Read about Hydrate 24.


These products work well for humans and dogs too. Even if you need to de-matt a tangle on a cat, it works! Great for colored hair, frizzy, and  coarse. Protects the hair from dryers, hot irons and elements. If you got hair this is the product.


-USE RESTORE Shampoo to wash. It is a concentrate, so start with less, (quarter size, add as needed for your hair type), Rinse out. (for all hair types, colored, and testures)

-Apply Small amount of Conditioner(it is a concenrate, so less at first, pic left, I use 2 quarter sizes for my thick hair)Rinse out(this conditoner is not waxy or weighty and will not leave any residue)

-Towel try your hair, Apply a few drops of Detangler, (do not put in scalp) but distribute all over) start brushing with our detangler brush , bottom up inch by inch, if you are struggling then add a few more drops…for my hair I use a dime size only…so determine drop by drop how much you need. It will not be greasy and will soak in, protect your hair, make it stronger, and protects from the heat, of dryers, curlers etc. If you need a touch up during the week you can add a drop or 2 to dry hair too! It will protect againt tangling too!

-Hydrate 24 can be used to rehydrate and condition too! Spray on before application of Detangler, and or touch up over during the week, it is a leave in! Hydrtae 24 is great for curly hair, giving it a softer bounce.

-Shock treatment ( start with dime size of each, for medium length and thinckness, add if needed) is great for curly hair to crunch with, leave in, gives hair a softer curl and bounce.



-USE RESTORE SHAMPOO TO WASH, DILUTE IF NEEDED TO, rinse out and then apply an application of the Conditioner, (amount depends on dog and hair…smaller start with a quarter size, bigger use accordingly) distribute all over, add water to spread and let it sit for a minute or longer. Rinse out.

-Towel Dry your dog, then spray on Hydrate 24, and then add Detangler if a long hair dog.( short hair dogs do not need Detangler). Brush and groom, blow dry as you usually do.

-Applying Detangler: Hair types will determine how much . Always start with less and some dogs do not need it, some use Hydate 24 leave in inplace and maybe spot treat the long hair ears and feet more…..so you decide!

-Our products do not have a lingering smell which is a cleaner frangrance.

-Poodles have different hair than others, so determine what is best. Our poodle customers refresh the coats a few times a week with Hydrate 24, leave in! Some use a touch up of Detangler, some not.

-Great for all breeds, all hair types.



Fake Horses Tails

Some Horses use a Fake tail for show. If this is the case Use Mane-ly Long Hair on your Fake horses tails. We have been told by our customers how great it works!!! The fake tails are very expensive and these products will take good care of your fake tail.

Will It Make The Hair Grow?

If the hair is not growing and you have checked the health of your horse and it’s also not genetic, nor feed related, then yes perhaps. Most cases the hair has been mishandled in grooming. Proper product , brushes maintenance, and how one grooms plays a big roll. Quality of the product is very important. It is very important to apply Polisher to the crest of the mane and the dock of the tail too! It will strengthen new hair growth, also allowing one to brush deep into the area without pulling out Hair. Brushing is important for It will loosen the dirt and dander keeping the hair clean. By keeping the hair clean it will also prevent the bugs, which then leads to your horses itching and then scratching at objects, therefore breaking and tearing the hair out…a viscious distractive cycle.
Maintenance is easy, just a quick spray of Hydrate 24 and application of Polisher, and guess what no need to wash prior! If you have no time to always brush then just make sure you have product in the hair regularly. But try to get out and brush weekly.


Many Manes and Tails get yellowed from the dirt and environment in which the horse lives, typically its the flaxen colored and light colors. MOST whitening shampoos contribute to the staining process too, by over drying the hair shaft and making it more susceptible to dirt and discoloration. By using the MLH range of products as regular maintenance it prevents them from yellowing. The Polisher protects the hair from the elements and prevents them from absorbing into the hair, keeping the hair in tip top conditions and helping to repair the hair shaft and keeping it smoother and silky.

Another unique result , we have found that by using the product recipes as we have suggested in our Dry Manes and Tails category(above)as an added bonus it seems to keep white and lighter hair dirt and stain free.

Removing the yellowed stains:

If the hair is not dry , FIRST wash with Restore shampoo, follow up with conditioner, rinse out. NOW apply a mixture of Conditioner and Polisher(SHOCK: mix aprox. dollar coin size of each into palms of hands, distribute evenly throughout the tail etc. Use MLH detangler brush to evenly distribute and detangle. LEAVE IN!! REAPPLY THIS MIXTURE IN A FEW DAYS AND THEN CONTINUE TO REAPPLY ONCE A WEEK, THEN MAINTAIN APROX. 2 X’S A MONTH. USE ON DRY HAIR IN-BETWEEN WASHING and hydrate 24 treatments, AND IN THE WINTER TIME.
Hair will stay whiter and brighter longer and in good condition too!

If the Hair is dry and stained start with one week of shock then wash with Restore shampoo wash, then back to Shock for 1-2 weeks, Wash again, and back to maintenance.

HYDRATE 24 DIRECTIONS: how to use for Body Grooming

    HYDRATE-24 instructions for FULL BODY Application and Manes, tails, forelock & feathers

Hydrate-24 is a leave-in conditioning treatment for the FULL BODY, Mane, Tail, Forelock ,Feathers.

It will hydrate the manes, tails, forelock, feathers and add shine to the full body. Keeps the horse cleaner; for it helps to dissolve dirt, keeps greys and flaxen hair cleaner longer too, while making whites WHITE! No bleach, no blue, just pure hydration in a quality system that will not dry or damage hair! Formula Hydrate 24 dissolves through hydration, urine, dirt etc… After buffing  the body it will create a shine and protection to the coat, preventing dirt from imbedding and keeping the horse cleaner longer. Also helps to dissolve dirt and staining through our hydrate ingredients.

Also great for dry grooming and cleaning off excess dirt when not washing OR after washing.
can be used daily too!(spray in-between polisher applications too!)

(The mixing LEVELS & how-to-use directions for Manes and Tails is on the Hydrate 24 Mix Bottle .)

  • Step 1: USE our Durable Flex Curry to loosen and clean out embedded dirt all over the body.
  • Step 2: Use our Blue Flicker Brush in one hand to remove lifted dirt throughout. In the other hand follow stroke with our Buffer Brush, using a two-hand alternating motion.
  • Step 3: SPRAY a little Hydrate 24 directly onto our Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush. The best way to apply, it helps to deposit the product and collect the excess lifted dirt off.
  • As you brush throughout the body coat follow each stroke using your other hand with a second Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush or our Buffer brush.


Final Step: Add more Hydrate 24 if need be, and use our Buffer Brush to buff out, add shine and spread the Hydrate 24.
~Remember you do not need to wash prior to usage.

You will find that the Hydrate 24 helps to lift dirt and stains out!

Manes & Tails: Use aprox. 3 x’s a week for light colored manes, tails, body..helps to hydrate and dissolve dirt, keeps the hair in tip top condition followed with an application of Polisher.

Body: use often to protect, hydrate and keep cleaner longer
-use for spot cleaning too!
– after you ride, spray all over body, rinse with water, remove excess water and reapply with Hydrate 24 brush!
-touch up manes, tails, forelock and feathers daily or several times a week.(leave in)

-Can spray directly onto clean coat or as often for extra hydration and protection

-Can spray onto manes, tails, forelock feathers daily too!

Reapply as needed.

TIP AND TRICK:You will love this formula so much, you might want to blend it into a bullet blender after measuring in your mix bottle, for ease and perfect blend…less clogging of the Hydrasol too!( We learned this from a customer that grooms many horses and uses several bottles a day)! 


RESTORE SHAMPOO, a gentle and yet deep cleansing shampoo, for horses, dogs, people, too. Hair will stay cleaner longer, giving the hair body, shine and manageability. It helps to restore the moisture and will not weigh the hair down. Cleanses without drying or damaging the hair. A mild fragrance of Awapuhi, a Hawaiian flower to hydrate the hair.
A MUST FOR YOUR OWN HAIR! our customers can’t get enough of it, saying “it’s the best shampoo they have ever used!” …why don’t you give it a try 🙂


QUITE easily:


-Apply a heavier application  of the Shock treatment or Detangler., to Dry, Dirty hair, remember no washing..let sit in a few minutes or longer for easier and faster results.  Leaving it inOvernight is great too for bad tangles!

Start with your fingers,  from the bottom up, carefully picking and undoing the tangle or stuck burdock etc. After completing a section use the MLH detangler brush, so its pick and detangle, until complete.

for very difficult cases I suggest the Shock , load it in and evenly distribute , leave overnight!!

Next day add hydrate 24 and polisher and you are good to go…faster and easier with less breakage and loss of hair!

Let the treatment stay in the hair, no need to wash it out..it will absorb….

Now just prevent with Maintenance

Please visit the video section to see how easily it is done.

Remember regular maintenance will prevent tangles and burdocks from adhering.( recommended usage: at least 1 x a week to prevent , can be used more often!

….please watch the step by step video on the video page, or go to the store and under polisher is the video too.


Did you know that when you order online, on our site, you accumulate points equivalent to $. The points can vary from items or promos we offer from within the site.  With each purchase you earn points that can be redeemed upon checkout. If not, no worries for they are cumulative, so they can be used for future orders too! Now how great is that?…..it’s like a private sale for our customers only!
Bonus points are given as thank you rewards for referrals and testimonials too!
Referral points(25 points) are on new customer orders, and their reply to this letter, telling us who referred them: new customer and referral receive the points.

How to groom for the Seasons

  • Winter grooming is different if you do not clip and shelter in a barn or a blanketed horse.
  • Grooming is essential all year long
  • Spray Hydrate 24 onto the manes, tails, forelock, and feathers, and apply polisher over. One can apply a double dose of polisher for extra protection in the ice and snow climates. It will give protection from the harsh elements. If you can not use the Hydrate 24 then make sure Polisher is on! We suggest weekly applications to all the areas it is used on.
  • Dry grooming your horse for the body: Use the MLH deep curry all over the body,  Spray Hydrate 24 all over, a light coating , then take the MLH curry again and break up the dirt and then follow with the blue flicker and hydrate 24 applicator brush w/the hydrate 24 on the brush….spread throughout the coat, then take the MLH Buffer brush and buff the coat. Recommended to   reapeat weekly.
  • Use the SHOCK TREATMENT for the Manes, tails, Forelock and feathers, WEEKLY TO AT LEAST EVERY 2 WEEKS FOR WINTER GROOM AND PROTECTION. A hair treatment thats is amazing. Please see the info under Dry Manes and Tail for the recipe
  • If you have a warm barn and warm water and clippped horses you can use the entire MLH program with the entire steps for Hydrate 24..including Restore Shampoo.
  • Spring, Summer and Fall:
  •     Grooming is easier and our entire system will work for the BEST RESULTS , making grooming easier with perfection.


A long mane & tail is very often sought after. Whether for the show ring, aesthetic reasons, function,  or for pure enjoyment. A horse or pony with flowing hair often depicts exceptional health from the inside out.  First we will start with a little science oh now the hair grows: There are 3 stages in hair growth:

Anagen: This is the growing phase! (Hoorah!)
During this time, the hair follicle is actively producing new hair.
This phase can typically last anywhere between 2 – 7 years (occasionally longer!). The length of the hair growth and the time it takes is dependent on many factors; genetics playing a big part.

Catagen: The transitional stage! The hair follicle stops producing new hair and the follicle itself starts to shrink, ready for the final stage.
The catagen phase lasts for a relatively short amount of time, for a matter of weeks.

Telogen: Rest time.
This is the final phase in the hair’s cycle. Hair does not grow in this time and is naturally shed when the new anagen phase starts!

In summary: The three phases are a repeating cycle of growing the hair, resting and shedding – simple!

Stress, illness and improper nutrition

Interestingly, if the body, whether our own, or our horse, is put under tremendous stress it can bring on the telogen (shedding!) phase prematurely. This has been known to cause up to as much as 70% of the hair to be affected which can cause noticeable hair loss. So staying calm, relaxed and happy is definitely a good thing for long, luscious locks!

Nutrition is incredibly important for hair health. For example, biotin (which is also superb for hoof health and our own fingernails!) is great for strong, healthy hair and is readily available as a feed supplement. We highly recommend micronised linseed, brewers yeast, soya and quality proteins to name a few others for a healthy coat bloom.

*Please contact your veterinarian or dietitian for any changes to your horse or pony’s diet if you are unsure of quantities or what to use. Sometimes too much of a supplement can have the opposite effect!


For us humans, it is normal to shed approx 50-100 hairs a day. Our own hair follicles work independently, so they aren’t all in the same phase at once. Thank goodness for that!

So it is also ok for horses to lose a few hairs on a daily basis – no need to panic!

Unlike us, the horse’s coat reacts to the seasons and sunlight – say hello to summer and winter coats! This process is called “photoperiodism”. In a nutshell, the horse can recognize changes in daylight hours, along with the temperature; this sends messages to it’s brain to trigger coat growth for the cooler months and shedding for the warmer seasons.

Although a winter coat is thicker and may not have the same look as a summer coat, it is incredibly important to keep to your grooming plan and ensure that the skin and hair is in great condition year round. The coat hairs will rise and fall depending on the outside temperature, which helps your horse to regulate its own body temperature. Try not to wash too often in the winter months so the hair does not lose these crucial oils. Instead, look to dry grooming and brushing which will help distribute important natural oils, which gives protection and hydration in the harsher months.

“Get a good brush and know how to use it!” (not all brushes are created equal)!

Your grooming regime will play a huge part in your horses’ coat and hair health. Great diet, health and genetics set a good foundation; for the ultimate Show Ready finish, with Manely Long Hair, it takes time and care with your brushing and product choice.
We aim for 10 minutes grooming a day for best results.
This is not only great for your horses’ skin and hair care but is also an exceptional bonding exercise – WIN WIN!

Manely Long Hair grooming system is as follows:


Get a good curry! We recommend a curry which is durable, i.e. MLH curr; firm and deep. NOT soft and flexible,  for it will not get the job done properly. The deeper the better it will pick up the dead skin/hair dirt etc. For sensitive horses curry with a lighter pressure. Not only does it clean well but gives a massage, which helps in circulation and healthier coat. This can encourage healthy hair growth, natural oil production in the coat itself which gives great natural protection and hydration to the hair. Regular use will also achieve a more brilliant shine too!


MLH recommends following with our stiff  Blue Flicker Brush. This is to remove the excess  dirt and dander the curry loosened and brought up to the surface.

-APPLICATION OF HYDRATE 24; coat conditoner and protecter

Once the dust and dirt is removed from the coat, we can now apply a coat conditioning treatment; Hydrate 24 with the hydrate 24 application brush. This is to help  pick up the extra dust and dirt that was left behind. The applicator brush with pick up the dust while depositing a coat of Hydrate 24 onto the hair.


After applying Hydrate 24 the next very IMPORTANT STEP IS TO BUFF OUT THE ENTIRE COAT. By buffing we are blending the Hydrate 24 into the hair this now provides the protection part… providing a high gloss shine and invisible shield.    The shield prevents dirt from sticking deeper into the coat and into the individual cuticles of the hair. This shield prevents  deep staining too.

Hydrate 24 is working 24/7 for you, protecting and dissolving staining and dirt through hydration and its buffed out shield!!

For more  info and product usage is written under each product in full detail in the store.

*Thank you Show Ready, the Manely Long Hair distributor for your article contributions.

www.Showready.co.uk for U.k and Europe


How to groom my horse with the system

After you have addressed the dry hair or tangles now its time to Start your program with  Maintenance:

Manes/tails, forelock, feathers:

Start with spraying hydrate 24 and leave in apply polisher over now brush from the bottom up into the doc and into the crest, starting from the bottom up always, and holding your other hand a few inches above your brushing point ad move upward. Brush inch by inch, if at anytime you feel a slight resistance STOP AND ADD MORE POLISHER /DETANGLER!! Once reapplied continue …

– Polisher Min.once a week application will prevent tangles !

-want silkier smoother apply several times a week to daily (smaller amounts of course) over Hydrate 24 too!


Take the hydrate 24 and 4 body brush program to clean the horses coat and body. if it was applied the day before then just do a quick brush…you decide according to weather and location.

After YOU ARE done with your horse go through the same stages without product or with …

Extra tips:

Spray hydrate 24 on to manes, tails, etc for silker, smoother cleaner too.

Polisher a few times a week, add more if need or for longer prevention.

Spray Hydrate 24 directly onto clean coat, then buff out

WASH with RESTORE  1 -2 xs  a month to remove the invisible protection and deep cleanse and rehydrate for regular maintenance of MLH again.

How to get the Manes and Tails silky , smoother and longer

Use the MLH range more often…for preventing tangles a once a week application will be sufficient..

But to get silky, soft, smoother ….start with the shock treatment, for aprox 1-2 weeks…wash with Restore shampoo, rinse, follow with MLH conditoner, rinse, and now apply the polisher/detangler to the wet mane, tail, forelock, feathers…

…now continue with your maintenance…hydrate 24 daily or at least a few times a week and polisher a few times a week or just a little bit daily……

you decide and just know to maintain and brush regularly with our brushes…..ENJOY GROOMING…..


HYDRASOL SPRAYER is the quietest and safest sprayer to use around Horses.

It is quite unique and is refillable. When using make sure your Hydrate 24 mix is properly mixed! Blending is extremely important and warmer to hot water too! Please follow the directional insert in your Hydrate 24 package..blending and proportions are important....

-if hydrate 24 thickens in the mix or sprayer add a little hot water and shake and blend.

-if your sprayer gets clogged and is not spraying, try to unclog first before buying a new one.   Step 1 – is to  take the black spray unit off and hold upside down first and flush with hot water, to dissolve the clog OR SOAK by emersing into hot water . The larger white plastic piece with the whole in the center along the long skinny tube, is where the clot will get stuck. Take a toothpick and gently loosen the clot just on the outer part, do not  push deep just a gentle cleanse. Rinse and fill sprayer with warm/hotter water and place the unit back in screw on and try to spray. If it will not spray repeat the steps above and if it still does not work…sorry time to buy a new one….(still cheaper than buying hydrate 24 as a premix $15.00 a bottle!)

-if  it does not work then time to replace with a new one. THE BLENDING is the most important part blend thoroughly!

-after each use we suggest to hold the hydrate 24 spray bottle upside down and spray to release any product in the mechanism…

TIP AND TRICK: You will love this formula so much, you might want to blend it into a bullet blender after measuring in your mix bottle, for ease and perfect blend…less clogging of the Hydrasol too!( We learned this from a customer that grooms many horses and uses several bottles a day)!

Washing your brushes and caring for your tools properly

Taking care of your brushes is very  important….

-Wash in mild soap and warm water  a few times a month or more..

-Use the restore shampoo with warm water in a bucket will clean nicely. Rinse and air dry.


First know brushes do wear out  especially when  used often as the body brushes.

So try to replace every 6 months to a year, of course it depends on how often they are used too!

-Make sure each horse has their own set of brushes!

-The Hydrate 24 brushes should be washed weekly, as they pick up the most dirt. A great tip is to take the curry and brush it through the hydrate 24 brush to remove the dirt, let the brush dry out before, the dirt comes out nicely. Always good to have several and rotate. Clean your dirty ones , let them dry out and grab a clean one.

-Best way to wash; with warm water and restore shampoo! Let them soak for 10 minutes or wash and rinse right away.

-Take an empty Hydrasol bottle(label with permanent marker) fill with aprox. 2 table spoon of restore shampoo add hot water and shake well…Use this mix to spray on the brushes to wash with and rinse in warm water. This mix is great for spot cleaning your horse too! Spray on the horses dirty spots where needed, use a wet cloth or wet sponge to remove.Perfect for touch up cleaning.

DO NOT USE BLEACH  or harsh detergents to clean your brushes.  IT WILL DESTROY THE BRUSHES!!

Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and shampoo..Facts and Fiction

So where does the idea that SLS is carcinogenic come from? Back in the 1970s some shampoos were found to be contaminated with small amounts of nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic. Ethanolamine lauryl sulfates used in these shampoos were determined to be the source of the nitrosamine contamination, and manufacturers took corrective action. Perhaps someone is now confusing ethanolamine lauryl sulfate with sodium lauryl sulfate. Or, since the “SLS is dangerous” message has been widely disseminated by sellers of “alternative” or “all natural” products who tout that their wares don’t contain SLS, perhaps someone in the “natural products” business deliberately created the message as a way of drumming up sales.

In March 2009, the organization Campaign for Safe Cosmetics reported they had found trace amounts of two substances characterized as probable carcinogens by the EPA (1,4 dioxane or formaldehyde) in a number of different baby bath products. The FDA has not established a safe limit for 1,4 dioxane in shampoo products and maintains that trace amounts of that substance which are typically found in such products are not harmful.

Store Locations

We are proud to have our products represented and sold in many fine stores across America. Please see below for locations and contact information.


Twisted Spur

  • Located in Montgomery, Alabama
  • Phone: 334-396-7787
  • www.facebook.com/pages/Twisted-Spur-Saddlery-Western-Wear/221433467867380


Broken Horn

  • Located in Baldwin Park, CA
  • Phone: 626-337-4088

Riding Warehouse

    • Located in San Luis Obispo
    • Phone: (888) 420-4327
    • www.ridingwarehouse.com

San Deigo Saddlery

1783 E. MAIN ST, EL CAJON CA. 92021

TEL: 619441-2613



TEL: 530-894-2250


Masts Saddles & Tack

      • 21418 E. Lamplight Rd
        Belle Rive, Il 62810
      • Phone: 618-756-2291


Wild Cat Boots

      • 308 Dog Patch Center
        London, KY. 40741
      • 606 260-8275


Rexpointe Kennels

      • 6765 Rochester Rd.
        Troy, MI 48085
      • Phone: (248) 879-7337
      • Website: rexpointe.com


The Howard Lake Country Store

      • 601 6th street
      • Howard Lake, Mn 55349
      • tel: 3205433517


Just Horsin Around Saddle & Tack

  • 21367 8 Hwy 177
  • Jackson, Mo 63755
  • tel: 5734507465

New York

Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles

      • East Aurora, New York 14052
      • Phone: 716-652-0680


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Liberty Western

      • 727 Cincinnati Ave
      • Lebanon, Ohio 45036
      • Phone: 513-933-0900


The Horse Unlimited

      • La Grance, Oregon
      • tel: 541-805-9120

The Horse Blanket

      • 420 E. Pine St Central Point, Oregon 97502
      • Tel: 541-664-4644



      • 141 OXFORD, PA. 19363
      • tel: 800-972-7985


All Is Well

      • 440 Old Trolley Rd suite A
        Summerville, So. Carolina 29485
      • tel: 843-871-797

Aiken Saddlery

      • 1044 Pine Log Road
        Aiken , S.C 29803
      • Tel. (803) 649-6583



TEL” 401-648-5227


Bonnie's Barnyard


Guy's Farm and Yard

      • 155 Portland St
      • Morrisville, VT. 05661
      • Tel: 802-888-2025


The Galloping Grape

      • Located in Warrenton
      •  Phone: 550-428-1002
      • www.gallopinggrape.com

Blue Sky Farm

      • Located in: Chesapeake
      • Phone: 757-204-4415

Another Turn Tack

      • 15748 Traps Hire Court
      • Waterford, VA 20197
      • Phone: 540-441-3591


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