Having the right tools to groom with are just as important as your grooming product, and keeping your horse clean and disease free. Maintaining the tools are also important and beneficial for results too!  I recommend CLEANING your horse brushes regularly, (aprox. once a week or every two weeks)it is extremely important!  Number one you will find they will work better, cutting down your grooming time with better results and number two they will last longer and prevent buildup and bacteria. Now remember  Bacteria can cause dermatitis/skin rashes which can lead to hair loss and exposed skin and rashes. So lets prevent with proper preparation and the best tools along with the best grooming product(Mane-ly Long Hair)…

I highly recommend that each horse has its own set of grooming brushes too!  If one of your horses develop a rash or skin problem, it is best not to  share the brushes with other horses, to prevent cross contamination! Also with  different color horses you don’t want to see white hair showing up on black hair…etc….

The type of brushes and how they are made contribute to the ease of cleaning them too! Mane-ly Long Hair brushes are easy to care for. They all  can be washed regularly because they have a hard high quality plastic resin handle, and base,  no wood.

I also suggest replacing brushes yearly or before…the conditon of the tools are extremely important for performance and results. Some body brushes get more use and break down faster…….so just replace them with new ones. Remember make grooming easy with great results, the right product and the right tools!

Washing brushes;

Take a big bucket or outdoor sink and use hot water along with a dish washing or clothing detergent, i.e.: Palmolive, etc…. one that is a deep cleaning and grime dissolving.  Pour adequate amount into bucket filled with hot water, add the brushes and swish around. Leave them to soak for approximately 15 minutes. Rinse, if the water is running clear that they are clean, iIf not put them back in to soak. Take them out to dry on a flat surface to drain, put a towel under to help soak up the water. Don’t leave in direct sun but drying outside is good. Put away once they are completely dry!

I recommend having more than one set of brushes so that when one set is getting cleaned you have another set to use, so you will always have a set of clean brushes available.

So, remember grooming a horse is important to keep them clean and healthy! Remember clean brushes is part of that equation!

Please check out our brushes…made in America.

Thank you and enjoy grooming,

Sharon Ladman-Sabo


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