Here are the photos of Haflinger stallion N’Vincible MJW from Woodward Performance Haflingers.  Photo credit of the show photos is Studio 316.  .  I included a photo from today of Vince out in our snow.  I took him mane down and I have NO idea when the last time was that I washed it but I’m guessing it was the end of September!  Look at how white it is with the snow compared to the April photo! THE SYSTEM WORKS!
  I had heard about Manely Long Trophy products for a few years.  However I was pretty set in my ways with my ‘ten step process’ of keeping our Haflingers mane and tails long and beautiful.  I won a detangler from one of the facebook giveaways and was really surprised by how I liked it when comparing it to the products I was already using.  When I attending the 2018 Ohio Equine Affaire, I was talking with you and I have to admit, I was a hard sell.  I was not buying into the ‘hype’ that this simple process would actually work on these Haflingers thick, long, white manes and tails.  Almost begrudgingly, I bought the set and then next day I went home, unbraided my stallions mane, snapped this photo, and started the process, being careful to follow the steps.  The after photos are just 3 months later!  I can not believe how silky, smooth, and strong  and WHITE Vince’s mane and tail are!  The before and after photos speak for themselves, there is no photo editing of anything!  I started using the products on my other Haflingers and are pleasantly surprised at how the manes stay healthy even while out on our 80 acres of pasture.  This is truly a great product that does exactly what it says it will do!
Jacque Woodward
Owner, Woodward Performance Haflingers




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