Whether you Show or NOT…grooming is part of owning a horse. Keeping the coat and hair dirt and tangle free is so important for the over health of the horse. Remember dirt attracts, bugs, flies, mites, tangles and an array of various skin diseases to name a few.

Owning a horse can be time consuming between all the duties of upkeep , training and grooming one has limited time and sometimes because of that the grooming part gets neglected.

STOP!....we have a solution for you! We have solved this problem for you. By regualr maintenance with the Manely Long Hair system; a system that is quick to apply and long lasting  in the hair and made for all weather seasons it offers a safe,  fast, effective way of grooming with Show Ready Results, even if you are not showing…YES!

Enjoy these pics of a few Horses that won at Andalusian World Vegas 2019. The trainer is Meghan Holt. The Brown Andalusian horse is  the exquisite Gambler, owner Cheryl Croasmun and the White Horse is Chupy , owned by Shannon Pagliuso

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