WHY Brush? Here’s a few tips and tricks….

There’s more to brushing than just having tangle-free hair. Healthy hair always starts with a good brushing, providing a clean scalp for people, clean skin for dogs and clean dock and clean crest of the mane for horses. Brushing helps to remove the dander, scurf and dirt (dead skin, oil build up ) and helps to increase the circulation and the life of the hair follicle. Brushing also helps to distribute the natural oils (Sebaceous glands are located in the hair follicles that help to lubricate your scalp, horse, dog etc) from the roots to the ends, giving the hair nourishment and shine too!

Proper brush and brushing method stimulate the scalp which helps encourage blood flow and hair growth. If you are losing hair while brushing, no need to panic for there is normal shedding for all. People lose approximately 50-100 strands a day (so best to monitor and brush daily for all). For some that do not brush their horses a few times a week for maintenance , and only brush every few weeks will see a lot more hair in their brush coming out, remember there is a normal shed out.

Use a quality brush (we have the detangler and maintenance brushes for all), one that is seamless, gentle and sturdy. We recommend the Mane-ly polisher for all hair types especially longer hair to help assist and prevent breakage while gently brushing to prevent damaging the hair.

When brushing the hair wet  be extra gentle for the hair is more fragile. Apply polisher to the wet hair  and distribute throughout (just a little, add more if needed). Start with the detangler brush and start at the ends of the hair, short brush strokes working inch by inch all the way up. If you are struggling add a little more polisher. Once you have worked through and detangled the hair , switch to the maintenance brush and you can now do long brush strokes from scalp to ends of the hair.

Dry hair tends to get more tangles, dry and messy, especially for our horses (they are out most of the time enduring a harsher environment). They roll in dirt, mud, they rub, the weather is harsh and the list is long. We recommend a daily brush and groom for the entire body. Read about our Hydrate 24 dry groom for the mane, tail and all body maintenance.  Add the polisher for proper protection and prevention and you will help to keep the horse cleaner, tangle free with healthier hair; silkier, stronger and longer too. Proper brushing also will help to prevent scratching agains surfaces for many horses, remember brushing removes the dirt and dander which make horses itchy.


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