Growing long, strong, healthy hair – a Show Ready guide.

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We all dream of long, flowing manes… perhaps for our horses, even for ourselves!

The same rules apply to both our locks and our horses’. So here is a Show Ready guide to luscious manes and tails.

1. Shampoo & Products

We believe washing too often can be as harmful as not washing at all.

The skin and hair ideally needs to be free of dirt and dander to prevent breakages and the hair from weakening. This can be achieved by washing with a good, hydrating shampoo such as Restore Shampoo and then following a great maintenance routine.

For manes and tails, we always recommend washing with Restore Shampoo, following with Conditioner (to moisturise and smooth cuticles) and finish with the Detangler/Polisher. To keep the hair free from dirt and encourage strong, healthy hair growth, the keratin rich Detangler/Polisher is best applied weekly, more if required. This product is made to protect, polish and strengthen the hair, whilst detangling and preventing snagging/breakages whilst brushing. It is so important to brush often; daily is best. This will keep the crest, dock and hair clear from dust and dead skin, distribute those good oils and improve the blood circulation.

For coats, we recommend washing with Restore Shampoo and Conditioner for a full wash. You can apply with a sponge, a brush, you can use it neat or dilute the products in a bucket of water – the choice is really yours! Maintenance is easy. Spray Hydrate 24 once weekly, or more as you wish. This spray is oil free so will not be greasy, leave a residue or cause the saddle area to be slippery. When you run out, simply mix some more – it’s refillable by you, saving so many £££s!

2. Oil distribution & skin health

Now…here we are talking about natural oils! It is so important to keep the hair’s essential natural oils distributed through the hair to help keep the hair and skin hydrated, naturally!

The best and easiest way to do this is by brushing! We love the Maintenance Brush for brushing daily. Not only does it help distribute the natural oils wonderfully, it also helps to improve circulation under the skin. For getting into the crest and dock, the Detangler Brush is just the tool. Prevent snagging and breakage with the Detangler/Polisher.

Great blood circulation increases the chances of great hair growth!

3. A great diet

Sounds simple enough, right?

A good diet works wonders… proteins are needed to grow great hair. Controversial at times with regards to horse feed…but soya is a great source of protein.

We at Show Ready recommend micronised linseed, biotin and brewers yeast as coat and hair boosting supplements! None of these we have found to have caused any fizz in horses and are also great for “good doers”.

4. A cold rinse

Not an issue for a majority of people, but a great tip nonetheless! Warm water isn’t always the best option for hair, so finishing with a cool rinse will do wonders! Heat opens the hair’s cuticles so if not closed again can leave the hair prone to staining and dryness. A cold rinse after conditioning will help to close the cuticles, smooth the hair shaft, which will help to give the most spectacular shine! (This is one of our favourite tips for horse owners!)

To get a Show Ready look every day is easy with the “know how” and the right products. You can find all of the above products in a Starter Kit.

If you would like any advice on grooming, stain removal, hair growth or day to day maintenance, please feel free to email us at
We offer bespoke grooming advice at no cost and are always happy to help.

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