I came across your product via the internet, I was looking for the “ultimate”product to use on my horse and I’m glad I decided to try Mane-Ly products.

Initially I didn’t think it would work as I’ve tried many products over the 11 years I’ve owned my horse. I could get his coat to a decent white, but it would not last long. Usually the next day, he would be back to being covered with dirt and stained after lying on his pee/manure. Sometimes he would “look”clean but the dirt would turn to mud after standing in the rain. During the winter when it’s too cold to bathe, using the waterless type shampoos could not really thoroughly clean his coat. Those waterless shampoos could not lift the dirt that sits underneath the hair and sticking to the skin.

So far, your products lifts the dirt and provides a protective shield. The stains are disappearing and he stays clean for days and days!
I am so impressed after years of struggling !

Thank you,
Lori S

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