FLY SPRAYS ..the bad…..the good….the BAD

There are many types of fly sprays…natural to chemical..and many devices to apply.
There are spray bottles, misters and creams for hand applied…The number one commonality is that any type of fly spray or application can cause allergies in horses…we see it all the time, yes even the “naturals” too! As a grooming line the problem we see is that when it gets on the manes, tails, forelock and feathers it causes dryness of the hair, for it clogs and prevents proper product efficacy, like Manely from absorption, therefore Manely can not work and then the hair will get dry, brittle and damaged!
So what do we do during fly season??…we have found that less fly product  is better and less oily is even better….but it still will not prevent problems.
The best solution I have found when using fly sprays,  is to use Manely Long Hair more often along with washing more often…at least 1 x a week. If I do not use more often and wash,  the hair is sticky and starts to dry out, so I get to it before this happens. I also use extra polisher detangler to protect more too!
So during these hot buggy months one has to up the grooming when using fly sprayrs, or no fly sprays at all…..
Restore shampoo, condiotner, polisher….works as a system like no other…
Enjoy Grooming..

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