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flies no more??? Scents make a difference

Manely Long Hair Conditioner is not a fly or bug spray, but the scents are citrus based so less to attract the bugs.

A great testimonial: Thanks Pat for always using MLH Detangler and Conditioner
“As I’ve stated in a previous email, I absolutely LOVE your conditioner and your Polisher/Detangler.

I’ve used your products on all the horses at the barn because the other boarders love what it has
done for my horse.
I discovered something today about your Conditioner. The barn where I board is next to a potato
field and unfortunately they released a ton of flies to deal a potato issue. I’m not quite sure what
it is though. The flies are so bad that we’re constantly harassed by them.
Regardless, after brushing the Conditioner onto his entire body, including legs, I noticed
the less flies were around and the ones that landed on him quickly flew away!!! I didn’t need to
spray him with the fly repellent.
I’m hoping that it’s not a coincidence.
Thank you!
Pat M

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