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from Purple to True White….Exclusive grooming product for the Tempel Lipizzans


The Tempel Lipizzans is much like a living history museum where the now endangered domestic breed of horse called the Lipizzan is bred and trained in classical dressage. We are open to the public for performances during the summer months where we exhibit all ages of the Lipizzan horse from foals to the highly trained stallions all set to classical music. In the off season we coordinate Behind-the-Scenes tours for groups and also do private performances.
The Tempel Lipizzans’ 2017 Summer Performance season kicks off on June 14th and goes thrOugh September 12th. www.tempelfarms.com


Before we started using Manely Long Hair, our horses were looking purple and missing that bright white. After learning about Manely Long Hair our horses are  now bright white where they need to be, brings out their true  and natural color…

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