rsz_dan_downThe Trophy Line was established more than 14 years ago by Sharon Ladman-Sabo when she inherited a potentially beautiful horse named Trophy, who had a very sorry Mane and Tail. Trophy was boarded at a Tennessee Walker Barn in Burbank California and Sharon met many people and horses there, especially Tennessee Walking Horses which are known for their extremely Long-Thick flowing manes and tails among their other great qualities. At the barn Sharon noticed the struggles and time put into maintaining manes and tails and trying to keep them in tangle free shape.

Regular grooming and maintenance was such a difficult task for other owners, and Sharon had experienced her own challenges of getting her own horses mane & tail to grow, that she was motivated into action to create what is now known as Mane-ly Long Hair Products.

Luckily, Sharon had worked in the skin and hair care industry for over 30 years and knew her knowledge and experience to create a line of amazing, long lasting products for Horses, Dogs and People too was much needed and would save many grooming challenges all horse owners experienced.

Mane-ly Long Hair was developed to be easy to use, long lasting, and work on clean or dirty horses. It had to be non-greasy ,remove tangles, repel dust and dirt, add shine and promote growth by reducing breakage with regular grooming. It took months to develop but The Trophy Lines’ Mane-ly Long Hair Product finally developed a polisher, conditioner that did all the above and also helped remove burrs, shavings and more!

Many remarkable and unsolicited Testimonials later, Mane-ly Long Hair products continue to deliver consistent results that serve all your grooming needs.  It’s for all horses, from show horses, to race horses, to back yard ponies, it’s a necessity for you and your horses, for your regular grooming needs.

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