YES, TIS THE SEASON for….MUD CLUMPS!!! THOSE DIRT balls that cling to the horses hair and makes it impossible to get out, well thats what you thought! Our system will help you enjoy grooming and help with these eee gad moments.

When we can not wash keeping your horses clean is a difficult task especially in winter.

Hydrate 24 helps with the clean up . spray Hydrate 24 on to the mud clumps and wait a few minutes…then take our maintenance brush and gently brush…it will remove the clumps without the hair loss. Now if there is a challenging one just apply polisher over and ….that will help with the process.


So Hydrate 24 again will get you through some of the challenges of grooming..


enjoy , tis the season to be jolly…lets groom and enjoy the PROCESS and make it a joyous one

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