*** What is our dry wash system? ***

Use Hydrate 24 & the MLH Brushes!

1. Durable Deep Curry to lift dirt, scurf and dander to the surface of the coat.

2. Blue Flicker Brush to remove dirt and debris from the coat’s surface.

3. Using the Hydrate 24 spray (mixed yourself using your Hydrate 24 kit!) and the Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush, apply the mixture to the brush and then brush over the coat. Any leftover dirt will collect on the brush, whilst the oil free formula distributes evenly on the body coat. Dip your brush into a clean bucket of water to remove dirt and you are ready for next time! Repeat this process until the brush appears clean.

4. Buffer Brush to give a beautiful shine! This is the ultimate finishing tool!

Buy your Brush Kit & Hydrate 24 Kit for the whole system at: www.ManelyLongHair.com

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