Dry hair comes in several forms…..some is Diet and nutrition , lifestyle, over washing, over processing, wrong products.

I am going to address dry hair from products, over washing and over processing: which includes hair dryers, irons, color, etc.

Here are some Tips and Tricks for managing your hair.

Many of us over wash our hair!! Understandably so, especially when one adds many leave in products to style their hair;  hairsprays, styling agents, etc;  for they leave a film, change the way the hair flows and prevents one from brushing often.        Again as I have said with the horses, the right tools for the right job are extremely important and that also includes brushes. Regular brushing is so important to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and to help distribute the natural oils to the hair strands, while loosening dirt and debris. The same for us humans, I recommend the Mane-ly Long Hair products which include the Detangler and Maintenance Brush. The Maintenance brush is great for brushing ones’  hair regularly and distributing the natural oils throughout to help protect and nourish the strands of hair.  Brush several times a day to care for the hair and to help remove build up , detangle, clean, and distribute natural oil. Now unfortunately many of the hair products leave a film and residue on the hair and brushing alone may not clean and can prevent the hairs natural oils from lubricating the strands. Mane-ly Long Hair Products will not leave a residue!!

Without getting to lengthy I am going to list my suggestions for maintaining and improving ones golden locks!

Step 1- Wash with Mane-ly Restore shampoo…, wash aproximately  once every 3-7 days!! The less one washes the better. Now with the restore shampoo it will deep clean, restore the shine and body without leaving a film on the hair, allowing one to wash less often!   Stays cleaner longer.

-Step 2-Condition with Mane-ly conditioner, to restore hydration and condition.  Apply to wet clean hair and leave in for several minutes or longer, Rinse out. It will not leave a residue either, keeps the hair light and not weighed done.

After coloring the hair or chemical processing,  we suggest to do a conditioning treatment, (aroximately 5-7 days after color, do not wash before and make sure to brush often to distribute natural oils ) AFter washing, Apply generous amount of conditioner and distribute throughout.  Leave in for aproximately 10-15  minute s or longer for deep conditioning, rinse out.

Step 3- Polisher,  After rinsing the conditioner out and before brushing apply appropriate amount of Manely Polisher evenly to hair, to help detangle,  protect and add shine. Then brush with the Detangle brush….style as needed. The Polisher will protect the hair from extreme heat from the dryer and hot irons etc.  We recommend  a deep conditioning treatment at least 1-2 times a month to hydrate and restore moisture in the hair.

Polisher is applied to the wet or dry hair as needed and always after washing.  Depending  on how much hair one has will determine the amount needed. So start out with a few drops for thin fine hair and up to a nickel size for thicker and longer hair. The way to determine if there is enough in your hair the detangler brush should brush inch by inch up to the scalp without struggling or pulling.  If struggling Add a few drops as needed so its easier to brush out. The right amount of Polisher will not leave a residue or make the hair greasy, thus leaving your hair cleaner longer.

I recommend the Mane-ly Long Hair products for Horses, Dogs, PEOPLE TOO!!!

Remember brush and maintain with the Maintanance Brush several times a day more than a few strokes!!


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