• New video post on our website features Sharon demonstrating how easy and effective dry grooming can be. No washing necessary, this method is ideal for all climates. Manely Long Hair’s easy 4-step process will keep your horses coat clean, hydrated and shiny throughout the year. Our combination of four high quality body brushes and the Hydrate 24 spray-on, leave-in conditioning treatment is an efficient way to achieve great results. Watch Sharon demonstrate the 4 steps to illustrate just how easy and quick it can be.It is important as we enter the cold season to be able to groom as necessary to maintain the overall health and well-being of the horse. Not only for beautiful show-quality horses but for ALL horses, ALL breeds, ALL year long! Proper grooming with Manely Long Hair products is not only easy, but is preventative against problems that arise when regular grooming can’t be achieved such as dead skin build up which leads to itching and rubbing which leads to hair loss. Our grooming system is EASY to use and the formulas are LONG-LASTING! Polisher will not freeze in barn in cold climate areas. Last but not least, grooming feels good for your horse and can be relaxing and stress-relieving for your own benefit when it is as easy as Manely Long Hair.

    Dry Grooming Procedure

    Step 1: Durable Flex Curry – to break up and lo0sen dirt with proper flexibility
    Step 2: Blue Flicker – removes lifted dirt from the deep cleanse of the curry comb, stiff and durable
    Step 3: Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush + Hydrate 24 – Natural fibers of Hydration 24 brush absorb remaining dirt and apply product to body. Hydrate 24 solution is made from a dilution of exisiting Manely Long Hair Conditioner.
    Step 4: Buffer Brush – Buffs and shines leaving coat protected, hydrated and shiny!
    Sharon also does a quick walk-through on the ease of maintaining the beautiful, clean, tangle-free mane & tail with Manely Long Hair Polisher & the Maintenance Brush

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