Live active lifes? Love riding? We take care of our amazing horses, we need to take care of  us so we can take care of them!

I was introduced to Breast Thermography a few years ago and I wanted to share this info!

Breast Thermography is a 15 min. Safe and non invasisve test offering the earliest screening possible. It’s role in breast cancer and breast disorders is to help early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology and the establishment of risk factors for the development or existence of breast cancer.

the procedure empowers women to make decisions, with their health practitioners, at the earliest moment possible. They can take a pro-active approach to their health through nutrition, hormone balancing and detoxification

Well it was truly a lovely Expo seeing past and new customers , friends and vendors. Less Horses than we like to see, hope next year there will be more. Robin Bond won the Charles Wilhelm Horse Challenge, which we so proud to be one of the sponsors  and partake in this great event. Charles always says, “Its never the Horses Fault”….true, true , true. Manely Long Hair got to introduce more people to the Hydrate 24 and new Body Brushes, for amazing shine, and easy clean, especially without water, Please check out the Friesian cross posted on our FB page, presented  by Red on Right Ranch, a superb example of waterless clean and shine! We look forward to  seeing you here or at the next event….coming soon, to be posted on Our FB page.

California is in a drought, Dry groom is what it’s about!!

check out our body brushes and Hydrate 24….. No water needed!

check out our Hydrate 24. video on our website under our FAQ page.


groom fast, waterless, and results!



We have Red Flag Warnings this week in SoCal – already we’ve seen 50+ mph winds here in Agoura so get out and put a little extra MLH Polisher in your horse’s manes and tails to prevent the extreme wind knots!


Be Pro-Active and apply that MLH now before the winds and your knots take over!



Please read the following not only is this interesting but it’s another way to use the product. We are always learning.
Kim Belajac Pinello
Feedback on the Mane-ly Long Hair products from a customer who has been very frustrated with her mares mane and coat…….

“I only have one problem with the Mane-ly grooming products…What in the world am I going to do with the buckets and buckets of other grooming products I have that don’t even touch this stuff! Its amazing!!! I did a quick once over on my mare and even without bathing her first she felt like high dollar fur on hooves! I took a hot wet wash cloth and put the conditioner on it and went through her tail several times (rinsing and redosing the cloth as it got dirty). I can’t believe how even without shampoo her icky yellow tail got brighter and brighter. Once I finished with the conditioner her tail felt like silk even before the polisher. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I’ll bet we make it through the summer with a full, thick gorgeous mane and tail.”

Thanks so much The Galloping Grape!