Mustang Horses are the True Test for Manely Long Hair. This year we have 3 amazing trainers in the Mustang Challenge. They are challenged with traiing a wild Mustang within a few months. Their choice for grooming is the Best, Manely…knots out, grime out, gentle grooming and no washing in these pics..the Wild Mustang is the true test for the Performane of Manely Long Hair. So Mustang or Knot you have a horse grooming with Manely should be your choice.

Amanda Lanes Mustang Before

Amanda Lanes Mustang After Manely

Amanda Lane

Jen Lyons before

Jen Lyons before

Kaylee Kapraun

Amanda Lane, Jen smith Lyon, and Kaylee Kapruan …Good Luck!


after, next day

TAKE a look at the before! A dirty horse….we applied the SHOCK TREATMENT AND THE PIC ON THE RIGHT  are the results the next day! SHOCKING….so easy , apply and go and the next day the dirt DISSOLVES, and the hair is hydrated so the dirt just brushes out easily.  Get the system and enjoy the equine journey MORE TIME TO RIDE…


when a top horseman stops to listen and notice the other products were not meeting his expectations….who does he call…his friend Lydia whos horses always look show ready, a Manely Long Hair customer for years. He discovers that Manely is better than the rest and is using the Manely system for the best care, results, and ease of grooming with improving the hair, skin, color and health of the horse . Grooming is essential to proper care of your Equine friend. Now his horses are always show ready and he can dry       groom inbetween appearances and in the cold weather months. Easy and Results…Enjoy Grooming.

THE BEST for one of THE BEST, Guy MCLEAN switches to Manely Long Hair

After many years of Blah Results Guy MClean discovers that there is something better than everything he tried, including his recent use of Cowboy Magic. His horses tails were getting dry , brittle and broken  and the hores were lackluster. Enter a friend of his and a customer of ours, sends him a grooming kit…and the rest is history…only a few weeks on Manely his beloved horses are looking showmazing and most of all solving the problems he had.  Quality is hard to find but we are here! Grooming for all and People too! 

20 degrees and dry groom gives us a show ready horse

Hydrate 24  for the dry groom gives us clean conditioned skin and hair, soothing and shine! Use the system for ease and results! IT WORKS! Add polisher/detangler to the manes and tails and clean too!



No washing, Hydrate 24 and Polisher, brush through…easy, and enjoy grooming. thank you to Texas Honey for sending in these great before and afters of your Gypsy Horse.


I TRULY SCRATCH MY HEAD AND WONDER… why  and what? Inferior products , inferior results…its noticeable. Dry damaged hair is not healthy hair , it can break off leaving short manes and tails. I see print adds on well known product advertisements, bad dry damaged  hair! I see no reason to buy when the results are poor. So why do people buy inferior products??? I think the answer is they have no idea there is actually something better and something that works! Stronger, silky, smoother stain free hair is so easy with the  Manely Long Hair system. Shock treatment can be applied to dry stained hair and watch it do its magic as it works 24/7, and no need to wash. Brushing with  Manely Brushes assist in the cleansing of the hair keeping it dirt and tangle free. Seriously wake up and see the difference becasue there is one and its available to you too!

Here are the photos of Haflinger stallion N’Vincible MJW from Woodward Performance Haflingers.  Photo credit of the show photos is Studio 316.  .  I included a photo from today of Vince out in our snow.  I took him mane down and I have NO idea when the last time was that I washed it but I’m guessing it was the end of September!  Look at how white it is with the snow compared to the April photo! THE SYSTEM WORKS!
  I had heard about Manely Long Trophy products for a few years.  However I was pretty set in my ways with my ‘ten step process’ of keeping our Haflingers mane and tails long and beautiful.  I won a detangler from one of the facebook giveaways and was really surprised by how I liked it when comparing it to the products I was already using.  When I attending the 2018 Ohio Equine Affaire, I was talking with you and I have to admit, I was a hard sell.  I was not buying into the ‘hype’ that this simple process would actually work on these Haflingers thick, long, white manes and tails.  Almost begrudgingly, I bought the set and then next day I went home, unbraided my stallions mane, snapped this photo, and started the process, being careful to follow the steps.  The after photos are just 3 months later!  I can not believe how silky, smooth, and strong  and WHITE Vince’s mane and tail are!  The before and after photos speak for themselves, there is no photo editing of anything!  I started using the products on my other Haflingers and are pleasantly surprised at how the manes stay healthy even while out on our 80 acres of pasture.  This is truly a great product that does exactly what it says it will do!
Jacque Woodward
Owner, Woodward Performance Haflingers




Time and time again I see so many posts recommending harsh detergents to remove the stains from the manes and tails and body.  To name just a few: Ketchup, laundry detergent, dish soap, vinegar, bleach, bluing shampoos (bluing does not remove they just deposit pigment to change the color) ! STOP THIS MADNESS PLEASE!

These Harsh products are extremely drying making the hair even more dry, brittle and more susceptible to soaking up more stains thus creating a viscious cycle only damaging the hair more and then it costs you more time and money  to remedy the stains and now the EXTREME DRYNESS!

2 different horses: top pic: Horse uses Manely Long Hair products bottom pic: Horse uses other product line

This is where the Manely Long Hair system changes the way we groom anad maintain our horses. The system repairs, hydrates and prevents staining from embedding and takes the stains out. Remember it took time to get this way and it will take time to undo the right way, so patience is needed and MLH is required!  MLH(Manely Long Hair) will further prevent staining and dreadfull dry damaged  hair! Our products will hydrate, maintain, and  prevent hair from breaking, staining, tangling; making grooming easier with outstanding results.
Its a quality product line and an easy system that WORKS! Please visit our website to read how the system works and look at our Supreme Grooming Kit, it has it all! A superior long lasting product!



ABOVE are 2 pics from a customer. The bottom pic is a horse she is maintaining with a different product line and the top is a horse she is using  the Manely  system see the difference and read her testimonial below!

Tiffany N Johns‎Trophy Line Manely Long Hair
11 hrs · 12/10/18

“My horse on top I use Manley long hair product on him, My bottom horse I use other products. To do a side by side comparison to other products. Nothing compares to the Manley long hair products. My horses hasn’t been bathed since October do to the temperatures here in pa. My top horse still looks like he gets a bath in the winter with the hydrate 24 treatments! This product simply amazing me how well it works!”

WHY is my horses hair dry, brittle, tangled, dreadlocks, breaking, flaky skin or not growing?

These are just a few of the basic questions horse owners ask. Eventhough genetics and nutirition  play a roll in the type of hair growth for a specific breed Grooming and proper hair care are contributing factors in the growth and health of the hair.

There are products on the market that people use that can acutally damage the hair follicle inhibiting healthy growth and  permanently damaging the hair follicle altogether. The animal  grooming products do not have to list all the ingredients on the labels leaving the buyer in “buyer beware”. Unforutnately many customers also buy household products to use on their horses which are extremely harsh, removing protective oils and permanently damaging the skin, hair follicles and hair and are not meant for animal usage!

A hair follicle needs to be nourished both from the inside and OUT!  Poor quality ingredients, detergents, solvents and some oil types  and combination of ingredients (just to name a few) will damage the hair and its hair follicle. This is where Manely Long Hair products differentiate from the others.  Our products are made with the highest quality of ingredients and a purpose!  All our ingredients are high quality Human grade, listed on our lables,  therefore people can use our products on their own hair too!

Our products will nourish the hair and the hair follicle when properly applied and maintained. Follow our system to maintain and brush properly  for they to assist in the cleaning , spreading of the products and working with the natural protective oils of the horse.

The horses natural hair oils serve a purpose, for they are protective and nourishing too. Proper brushing is integral for healthy hair, skin and  healthy hair growth. Brushing  stimulates blood fl0w to the hair follicle and cleans the skin and hair,  keeping it debris free; dander, dirt and preventing mites and mite dander from inhibiting health hair growth. Overwashing the horse  especially with harsh detergents will remove the protective oils leaving the hair and skin more susceptible to bacteria, skin diseases, sunburn, dry and broken hair to name a few.


Manely Long Hair was created for Proper Prep and Care of your horse, a system that is easier and it works!

Testimonials we share. There is something better and Manely is it! Manely Long Hair has been around 20 years and the formula is still the same! Quality makes a diffence in performance and quality products last longer too! So at the end you save time and $$ too!