Winter Care can be so daunting, especially in the frigid temps. For some of us it’s Too cold to go out and groom. But here’s the way I tackle winter grooming. I look at the weather report and know ahead a time what the forecast will be in the next week or 2. If its super bad I make sure to load up on the application of the Polisher or Shock treatment, enough to last 1-2 weeks in the hair! If you do not have a barn then outdoor grooming in the cold can be rough but we make the best of it. Just run out to the horse and apply quickly, distribute and your done, apply to the dirty tail too. If you get a break in the weather then bring ouT your brushes and hydrate 24 and do a winter groom.

Take a look below at the before of a muddy horse and the after, all done with what’s featured below…No washing at all…..Hydrate 24 is the body grooming along with the 4 body brushes and it will clean and distribute the natural protective oils of the horses coat without removing them, for the winter protection they need.

Brushing the body is important especially our deep curry! Try your best and pick the right time that works for you and your equine friend. But remember if you can’t,  just run out apply the shock to the mane and tail and run back in(or….this will save you lots of headaches later in spring.











WHY Brush? Here’s a few tips and tricks….

There’s more to brushing than just having tangle-free hair. Healthy hair always starts with a good brushing, providing a clean scalp for people, clean skin for dogs and clean dock and clean crest of the mane for horses. Brushing helps to remove the dander, scurf and dirt (dead skin, oil build up ) and helps to increase the circulation and the life of the hair follicle. Brushing also helps to distribute the natural oils (Sebaceous glands are located in the hair follicles that help to lubricate your scalp, horse, dog etc) from the roots to the ends, giving the hair nourishment and shine too!

Proper brush and brushing method stimulate the scalp which helps encourage blood flow and hair growth. If you are losing hair while brushing, no need to panic for there is normal shedding for all. People lose approximately 50-100 strands a day (so best to monitor and brush daily for all). For some that do not brush their horses a few times a week for maintenance , and only brush every few weeks will see a lot more hair in their brush coming out, remember there is a normal shed out.

Use a quality brush (we have the detangler and maintenance brushes for all), one that is seamless, gentle and sturdy. We recommend the Mane-ly polisher for all hair types especially longer hair to help assist and prevent breakage while gently brushing to prevent damaging the hair.

When brushing the hair wet  be extra gentle for the hair is more fragile. Apply polisher to the wet hair  and distribute throughout (just a little, add more if needed). Start with the detangler brush and start at the ends of the hair, short brush strokes working inch by inch all the way up. If you are struggling add a little more polisher. Once you have worked through and detangled the hair , switch to the maintenance brush and you can now do long brush strokes from scalp to ends of the hair.

Dry hair tends to get more tangles, dry and messy, especially for our horses (they are out most of the time enduring a harsher environment). They roll in dirt, mud, they rub, the weather is harsh and the list is long. We recommend a daily brush and groom for the entire body. Read about our Hydrate 24 dry groom for the mane, tail and all body maintenance.  Add the polisher for proper protection and prevention and you will help to keep the horse cleaner, tangle free with healthier hair; silkier, stronger and longer too. Proper brushing also will help to prevent scratching agains surfaces for many horses, remember brushing removes the dirt and dander which make horses itchy.


TRISTAN, a Gypsy Vanner, owned by Sophy Foy, of SPRING BRANCH STABLES

JULIETTE, a Mustang owned by Rita Hanson

WHITE HAIR, WHITE TAILS, WHITE MANE…or is this a tale of woe.

No not a tale of woe, but a Tail of Wow!


Where do we start? Ok I know, I got an email from a new customer, and wanted to know why her horses tail is not as white as the ones pictured above. She started using the product the very end of winter 2021 on a very dirty, Urine stained and dry tail. She started with Shock for aprox. 5 weeks and washed after 5 weeks, she liked the results and liked it better than a harsh whitening shampoo that only damaged it once  before, but it’s not as white as she expected. Many factors to consider.

Hair TYPE:

Is the hair truly white or does it have a mix of colors. If its truly white you will know for the shock treatment will only hydrate true yellow  stains out without altering the normal hair color. Other bleach type shampoos will whiten the Norm out and are harder to keep white and stain free because it’s not the true natural color.

To keep this simple hear me out. If you maintain your horses hair throughout all the seasons and protect it with quality products such as Manely the stains will not penetrate the hair shaft and only sit on the outside of the hair, and they are removed with our Restore shampoo. By maintaining with H24 and polisher and shock you can avoid a lot of heartache and grooming blues; MLH system keeps the hair, hydrated, protected and stronger to endure the horses environment. Just by proper prep and maintenance you can avoid damaged and stained hair. Dry damaged and urine burnt hair is irreversible and in fact may end up breaking off.

If you started the MLH system with very damaged hair, please give it time, sometimes 3 months but don’t give up there is a happy grooming ending just by maintaining and letting MLH work for you 24/7. “IT REALLY DOES WORK”  If it’s not working for you let us help you and trouble shoot  the situation.

At the end of the day we are here to help you groom and to enjoy the grooming of your beautiful special horse friend.


40 years & I finally found a product to RAVE about!!
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how much we love the Shampoo, Conditioner and Polisher! I have been in the equine industry showing horses for 40 years and this is the first hair product I have raved over.  I have let all of our horse show friends know how much we love it! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create such a great product, my Gypsian Stallion who loves to roll a couple times a day in his dirtiest part of his corral is still shiny and soft days later after his bath, his mane and tail are also still soft and easy to brush, this is great! Thanks again
why?? Please do not make it so difficult!

Why make it so hard? It is really an easy process, just maintain with the BEST and you will have AMAZING RESULTS! Just add the BEST, by Mane-ly Long Hair.

Battlefield Angel “EZRA” model Breyer Horses 2022

Congratulations Rhiannon Barreda of Wing & a Prayer Farm, what a dream come true, and you deserve it. Thank you for your Service and thank you for being a Mane-ly Ambassador as well. Ezra is spectacular and Enjoy the Accolades! A dream come true.

Please let me introduce this young lady…Meet Sophie Foy and one of her horses, “Tristan” of Spring Branch Stables.

Her showmanship and style is what I call quiet elegance. She has the cutest outfits, it’s her own style she truly stands out amongst the others. She accents her outfits with the cutest hats, belts and scarves. She brings her own style and grace and that also reflects in her horses appearance too, they are Manely meticulous! She is a pleasure to watch she truly shines along with her horse “Tristan” . 

Sophie and Tristan have been one of our Manely Customers for quite a few years now and we are proud to feature them in our newest brochure, They are now part of 2022  VIP Select Ambassador program.

They are both featured in our newest brochure . 

Congratulations Sophie!



SHAMPOOS, what a subject. So many to choose from and there are so so many choices out there. Why Restore Shampoo? Well to start Restore Shampoo took us 7 years to develop! It had to work for my own thick, coarse, wavy, and colored hair , for my dogs and my horses too!

Restore Shampoo has a PH 7.11 (+/-10%). What does that mean…well its not an Alkali-based shampoo nor acid, slightly above nuetral . Many of the shampoos used for horses are Alkali; whitening, purple, silver etc., these make the cuticle of the hair open and expose the outer surface of hair which is called cortex. When the cortex is exposed, hair strands are more prone to damage and breakage, and become rough, dull, stained and tangled.

Yes SHAMPOOS are IMPORTANT AND PLAY A ROLL IN THE QUALITY OF HAIR. When using the Mane-ly system the products work together to give the best results including Restore Shampoo. Ph of 7 is neutral, Restore is slightly above with a mild clarifying action. We wanted it to clarify and clean to help remove oils, dirt, build-up, leaving the hair clean with shine without damaging the cuticle.

I would recommend Restore Shampoo in your program, it’s not a daily shampoo, recommended usage 1 x a week. Replace the alkaline products you may be using now with Restore. Remember the hair that you work so hard to moisturize with our Conditioner and  protect with our Polisher will be a waste if you are using the other Alkali shampoos. Alkali shampoos will remove all the hard work of repairing the Cuticle. Alkali-based shampoos make these cuticles open and expose the outer surface of hair which is called cortex. When the cortex is exposed, hair strands are more prone to damage and breakage and become rough, dull, and tangled too!

Acidic shampoos are mild and keep cuticle scales closed but they can leave the hair limp  flat, dull, without shine. Acidic shampoos will not remove skin or hair oils or product that builds up with usage.(fly sprays, dirt, oils etc).

So remember that Mane-ly Long Hair Conditioner and Polisher work to hydrate and keep the cuticle closed, keeping stains out and white white (as you maintain with shock or Hydrate 24) and hair tangle free , silkier and shine too! Restore Shampoo respects the cuticle and keeps the hair cleaner and ready to  maintain with Polisher, Shock, and Hydrate 24 .

Enjoy Grooming……..Sharon



Over the years we have captured new customers for grooming of their own hair! Manely Long Hair is made for People too. It’s my personal favorite and it had to go through many tests and trials to get my thumbs up, it had to work on Human Hair  (dogs as well as horses) !

I have personally used so many products over the years and some inexpensive over the counter and some extremely expensive salon brands. Periodically I still test products just to see if anything has changed.

Having spend many years in the  hair and skincare industry I do evaluate peoples hair and skin when I see them.  I see this continously: lackluster, unhealthy color treated  hair is over-dried, lifeless, over treated and just dead looking, I am puzzled by this with so many “great products on the market”, but are they great??

I think we are oversold and expect to much when some of the simplest steps work great!


Quit overwashing the hair!  One of the keys in washing less is finding products that will not coat or weigh the hair down, including hair gels, hair sprays, rinse out conditioners and shampoos too etc. A lot of shampoos and conditioners leave a residue just when washing , then add styling aids and you will even wash more often. When using styling products the hair gets coated, greasy, weighed down, dried out even more in a day or two and then washing is mandatory because the hair is just “yuck”. Perhaps its time to try less stying products and working with some natural beauty to your hair.


Deep Cleanse Shampoos and Conditioners

These are needed to remove all the styling products residues. Now they are not used for daily use but once weekly is advised. Once rinsed out use a conditioner that hydrates and will not coat  and weigh the hair down.(Manely Restore Shampoo and Conditioner)


Add a detangler to repair, detangle and protect. Yes these three  along with the proper brush for detangling and maintaining the hair. After towel drying your hair add a few drops of polisher to your hair and spread through. Take the Manely detangler brush and start brushing the hair from bottom up, inch by inch. Once brushed through start your styling, blow dry etc. If you need more polisher add a drop as needed. The polisher is great to protect the hair from the heat and repair the cuticle too.



Once styled use less styling gels, hair sprays etc and brush with our Maintenance brush to clean the scalp and hair and spread the natural oils while stimulating the blood flow in the scalp.

Try the above and see if you can lengthen the time in-between washings, you will find your hair will be healthier and stronger too. Remember less is more, and you’ll get “more better” results too.

Try using our hydrate 24  or shock in-between washings and for styling your hair too.

Let us know your hair journey too.

Thank you and Enjoy Grooming,




Shedding Season is coming soon, and for some it has arrived. Grooming might have to change a bit as the horses start to shed “I call this PLAN B”, which means your regular maintenance brushes will not be as functional for this type of season.

So here’s my PLAN B:

Step One start with a great shedding blade. Now there are several out there I prefer the older style for it takes the hair out that has already started to release, some of the others actually FORCE THE  PROCESS AND PULL the hair leaving bald areas and your horse cold when it needs the hair still to keep warm, so I like to work with Mother Nature more and not force it. One of my favorite steps and one I suggest is using Hydrate 24 (spray with the Hydrasol mister) all over the body before, I find this helps prevent the hair from flying all over and onto us too!)

Step Two follow up with our MLH deep curry, if you need more H24 then spray more.

Step Three find a brush that can be used after the curry, out regular body brushes will not work as well for the hair will get jammed in the bristles, so here’s my favorite go to: the MLH MAINTENANCE BRUSH FOR THE MANE, this strong work horse is amazing for sweeping though the coat and picking up the extra hair and dirt with a gentle massage effect too. The brush is great on the legs and for removing some stubborn dirt too. Again use the H24 and finish with H24.

Continue your Maintenance with the above steps until shedding has subsided and you can then continue with your H24 dry groom system and regular maintenance program.

Step Four H24 for the manes, tails, forelock, feather, or shock or polisher….rotate as needed.


H24 basic kit

offer valid: 2/16/22 – 3/16/22

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Mane-ly for People too! We receive many accolades from our customers that tell us how greatful they are that they found Manely not only for their horses but for their hair and their dogs!!

This never gets old. I thank everyone for all the notes and messages we get. There’s a recent testimonial that I will share. 

“Thank you for making such a great product. My hair grew 3″ longer and I have never had it this long before! I love your products. thank you!”

Time and time again we hear this. Now we are not a growth product but as we use Manely it strengthens the hair and gives it flexibility and helps to prevent breakage, that’s where the growth comes from. 

Restore shampoo: deep cleans the scalp and hair

Conditioner: super hydration but will not weigh or coat the hair down. 

Polisher: protect and detangle the hair, without a residue. A great protector before using hot irons, blow dryers etc. Its also helps to repair colored hair.

So make sure to add Manely to YOUR grooming routine too.

p.s I have been using it for over 20 Yrs and I have found nothing better!!

Enjoy grooming,

Sharon Laman-Sabo.