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Enjoy groming for your horse and for YOU NOW! Happy Holidays to all…

We work with so many horses, and our horses are the HAIR Breeds,  Gypsy Vanners. We  seriously  would  not  be  able  to  handle  all  the  hair   . The  hair  stays  tangle  free  for  weeks,  leaving  it  super  soft  and  tangle  free!  We  are  breeders  of  quality  Gypsy  Horses..  Thank  You Manely  Long  Hair.

Golden  Oak Gypsies and Parrett Mountain Gypsies


AS the holidays are approaching it’s time to think of that special gift for a special person.  The Travel/TRIAL Pack is a great gift and quite a teaser for sure, the recipient is going to want lots more! What makes this so nice is  it’s for Horses, Dogs and People too!  A great gift for all! This pack also comes with a $3.00 gift certificate for the 3 pack of large for them to reorder with. So now’s the time to plan ahead and buy the best gift for all!

Happy Holidays and Enjoy Grooming always!


Thank you Manely! The shine off our black Clydesdale mares coat is proof that product works. I have to cut her tail almost monthly so it’s not dragging the ground in order to compete with her! Wow! The results are amazing. We use this product on all our horses. Manely Longhair for the win in our books!

Jen Hemphill , Rolling Thunder Farms


Rudy! And this is AFTER I cut a foot off his Mane and Tail! (so he wouldn’t step on it!) Thank you Manely Long!

Doesnt matter genetic or KNOT! Take care of the hair properly and let Manely Assist in this task…we make it easy, simple, fast, effective. Maintenance is soooo easy…No need to Wash!  Follow our system for ease and best results!

Enjoy Grooming,

Sharon Sabo


 Paula Mathews, owner. Rudy, Rocky Mountain Horse

Summer is here and the horses are sweltering…..

I had a Manely long-time customer call me about rinsing and washing horses daily in the summer heat. Summer climates are different all over the world and horses’ reactions are also different. So try to make the best decisions for your horse in keeping them cool, comfortable and clean in the summer heat.

Sweating is good for a horse it helps to cool them off but the sweat can also leave a residue of minerals making the skin and coat dull and sometimes sticky and difficult to curry.  Some horse owners rinse their horses off daily and some even wash with shampoo, BUT too much washing is also harmful to the horse’s skin and coat. In fact, washing and removing the horse’s protective oils can leave the skin defenseless, dull and sensitive.

So what do we recommend?  If you choose to rinse and cool your horse off daily, spray the H24 all over your horse then rinse with water. By applying H24 before rinsing it gives the skin some protection and prevents stripping of the horse’s oils, we call it a soothing bath. After rinsing reapply H24 and fly spray if needed.

Use the Restore shampoo every week or few weeks for a deeper cleanse to remove dander and dirt buildup. Make sure to maintain and curry often and use the H24 dry groom system if you can to spread the natural protective oils of the horse.

Keep your horse cool and protected but do not over wash with shampoos…Use our H24 as a soothing hydrating daily rinse with water.

clean and no bath




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Long Live the Dead Hair

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals. Hair growth begins inside the hair follicle. The only “living” portion of the hair is found in the follicle. The hair that is visible is the hair shaft, which exhibits no biochemical activity and is considered “dead”

“Dead” yes dead…so how do we protect dead hair in an unprotected harsh outdoor environment?

-choose Quality products

-choose non oil base products (oil intensifies the rays of the sun and can cause burning and collects dirt which is more drying)

-wash when needed (choose dry grooming as maintenance)

-use proper brushes to remove dirt and spread natural oils as protectors and lubricants

-stay away from harsh detergents , (blues, bleaches, dyes, harsh shampoos and detergents other than for hair usage) which will dry out the hair and damage it further leaving it fragile and more susceptible to breakage and thinning in the  the outdoor environment.

-keep hair clean with application of a detangler and brushing daily, to remove dirt, spread oil and prevent attraction of bugs

-be extra careful with  fly sprays, choose non oil based and dilute if possible and apply over a coat protector (ie: Hydrate 24)



-Use detanglers as maintenance not just as a 911 knot removal MLH Polisher will protect and prevent and help strengthen the hair! Use on dry, dirty, wet or clean hair.

-Keep your brushes clean

-Apply MLH as maintenance use minimum 2-3 xs a week for proper protection, repair & strenthening of hair. As the hair grows  from the follicle use more on exposed older hair.

-Proper preperation prevents and performs…with Manely Long Hair.

-for Horses, Dogs, and People too!


Did you know that oil based products intensify the rays of the sun?! If your horse is outdoors and has an oil based product used on them,  to name a few.: oil based fly sprays, oil based coat conditoners, oil based mane and tail products….they can actually burn the hair and skin!

If you are using oil based products ( please note most need to be washed off daily too!) then you may see dry brittle broken hair, orange shades on black horses,  skin irritations and burns. Please use non oily based products if they are being left in the hair.

Horses in pasture indure alot for the weather and their environment effect their skin and hair. It is important to curry daily and prep your horse with proper protection.

A “proper” Curry deep cleans by removing dead hair , dirt , dander and helps to spread the horses natural protective body oils! Curry curry curry, I can not tell you enough…CURRY!!!

Look at our Hydrate 24  supreme system and curry it will help clean your horse quicky and prevent many skin issues including rain rot..look at our Polisher protector, a non oil based product to protect, repair , and strengthen the mane, tail, forelock, and feather , allowing the hair to grow stronger and tangle free!

There are many products out there but there is only one that really works! “Manely Long Hair”

We love out Manely products! We wash their mane and tail once a week with the shampoo and conditioner and add the detangler and shine after. Also we love how the brushes keep them clean on their body’s! Winsome blue farms just wanted to share with you how much we love your products ❤️ 3 gypsy vanner, and a Friesianare all kept in show shape with all your products!  It’s so easy to care for their mane and tails especially when we are showing often and have quite a few to keep up. Thank you again for such amazing products as we have been using them for years now and will continue to use!

Here are a  few pics of our horses….

thank   you  again,

Sabrina Lee 

Debbie Bull



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Why Manely Long Hair and not “the Other?”



Why MANELY LONG HAIR…well as we say “The Proof is in the Pudding”.

How are we different?

-Quality, longevity, results, healthier hair and easier grooming!

We use quality ingredients that will give longer lasting results. Longer lasting results prevents tangles and produces healthier hair too. Not only is our product quality ingredients but also concentrated, therefore one saves money too! The other products use lesser quality ingredients , watered down with water, alcohol, solvents, oils etc. therefore hair will be compromised. So think again before you buy “The Other” and let Manely show you blue ribbon  results… Thank you Julia Eva for sending in this pic of your Manely Long Hair horse as you compete….


enjoy Grooming….Sharon

Julia Eva and her paint horse

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Orange Horse turns white you have a horse with a Nickname….

Nickname ” Pigpen”..Lol Oh dont we know. Even with the orange clay Manely has met its challenge and wins again. As a system the stains will not absorb. Transition the hair then prevent, this is how MLH works and ‘IT WORKS”


Orange stained horse… White again with the MLH SYSTEM…IT WORKS! Do you have a horse with a nickname “Pigpen”..LOL

This is Trooper aka Pigpen. Your product is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so white, especially the mane and tail. Other whitening products do not compare. They also don’t make the hair feel as soft, silky, shiny, and tangle free either, and he smells so good. thank you @cheryl brennan

Thank you Tracy Burnett Estes for introducing me to Sharon and the Manely Long Hair products ❤️


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WHY DO WE GROOM? grooming is just as important as …..



Grooming is not for just the appearance of your horse, but its for the horses health too! Grooming is just as  IMPORTANT AS TRAINING  and RIDING YOUR HORSE!  Proper grooming 101* is for the prevention of skin conditions that can lead to explosive conditions that can be painful and down the road life threatening. GROOMING also createes a bond and is part of basic training. THE END REUSLT WITH GROOMING 101, show ready too!

Proper curry is the most important step starting grooming 101. A proper curry is to remove dirt, dander, hair and spread the horses natural protective oils through out its coat. Unfortuantely there are to many imporoper currys and tools being sold on the market today. We have the “proper curry” and  brushes for 101* grooming.

-*101 Grooming: our 4 step dry grooming, Hydrate 24 and brushing, along witht the care of the mane, tail, forelock, feather and more. Our system is easy , caring and pain free too! Follow our program for success!

Enjoy Groomiing, the results are rewarding for YOU AND YOUR HORSE