My horse on top I use Manely long hair product on him, My bottom horse I use other products. To do a side by side comparison to other products. Nothing compares to the Manley long hair products. My horses hasn’t been bathed since October do to the temperatures here in pa. My top horse still looks like he gets a bath in the winter with the hydrate 24 treatments! This product simply amazing me how well it works! thank you Tiffany Johns.

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Why is my horse rubbing its tail or mane

We typically look at mites, bugs etc first, then if none most often we have found its due to dry skin (some due to inferior product ingredients), lack of brushing into the crest and dock for removal of dander & dirt. Yes its most often lack of brushing or brushing not at all!  WE want you to brush and you can brush with our product, it will be easy and no pulling or breaking of the hair. WE also have the right brushes to assist with proper care and ease for you the horse owner . Our process will also be painless to the horse too! Brush aproxiamately 2-3 times a week for the best results, 1 x a week just to prevent and maintain. So stop the rubbing now with Manely Long Hair.

I came across your product via the internet, I was looking for the “ultimate”product to use on my horse and I’m glad I decided to try Mane-Ly products.

Initially I didn’t think it would work as I’ve tried many products over the 11 years I’ve owned my horse. I could get his coat to a decent white, but it would not last long. Usually the next day, he would be back to being covered with dirt and stained after lying on his pee/manure. Sometimes he would “look”clean but the dirt would turn to mud after standing in the rain. During the winter when it’s too cold to bathe, using the waterless type shampoos could not really thoroughly clean his coat. Those waterless shampoos could not lift the dirt that sits underneath the hair and sticking to the skin.

So far, your products lifts the dirt and provides a protective shield. The stains are disappearing and he stays clean for days and days!
I am so impressed after years of struggling !

Thank you,
Lori S

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ICOR….he is showing the hair gene

We Love using Manely Long Hair on all our Gypsy Horses…keeps their hair looking great.

ICOR, Green Country Gypsy Horses

YOU READ IT CORRECTLY! No more Yellow!  Our system really works. Its an easy system;Hydrate 24 , shock, restore shampoo, polisher and brushes.


.It’s a subject our clients USE to know all to well….well guess what they dont worry about it anymore!

Read the testimonials, see the pics…the proof is in the pudding…

A grooming kit will give you the tools for easy and enjoyable grooming and easy too! Not just for white horses works for all color and all hair types. Enjoy Grooming.

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No more stalls!! stays clean and white always ready to SHOW

Hi Sharon:

Just placed another order for shampoo.  When we talked last at the  PA Horse Expo you said to send you some pics.  They aren’t the best but it is a good thing that your company is the best!  I am a believer.  I was recently contacted to do a special event on short notice.  My horses are turned out just like the rest here goes…

Thank you so much a such a wonderful product!  Now my horse can go out and be a horse instead of standing in a stall to look pretty!

Thanks again

Carriages by Karen

Karen Daviswhi

out in pasture and stays white!! no more stains, or stall time!

stays white and show ready, no more stall time



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from Purple to True White….Exclusive grooming product for the Tempel Lipizzans


The Tempel Lipizzans is much like a living history museum where the now endangered domestic breed of horse called the Lipizzan is bred and trained in classical dressage. We are open to the public for performances during the summer months where we exhibit all ages of the Lipizzan horse from foals to the highly trained stallions all set to classical music. In the off season we coordinate Behind-the-Scenes tours for groups and also do private performances.
The Tempel Lipizzans’ 2017 Summer Performance season kicks off on June 14th and goes thrOugh September 12th.


Before we started using Manely Long Hair, our horses were looking purple and missing that bright white. After learning about Manely Long Hair our horses are  now bright white where they need to be, brings out their true  and natural color…

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The Best Grooming Product ever made…

THE BEST PRODUCT EVER…We would never Trust another product with our Horses Hair and grooming……only Mane-ly Long Hair, quality and performance like no other…easier too!


Clarice Francis” Shady Spring Fans of Segway Shady Spring

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Easy does it with the Blue Ribbon finish..

Easy does it with Manely Long Hair…


Well it’s so easy just love showing people how wonderful the product is.

Clydesdale “Easy” from Rolling Thunder Farm

owner: Jennifer Hemphill

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Show Ready with a MLH regular groom…WOW

I was so pleased at how white he got! He was just getting a “spring cleaning” not show ready but he looked so good he could have been shown!
Restore shampoo, condition , hydrate 24

Judy Vogt

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  • Restore the condition of the mane, tail, forelock and feathers. A treatment for all hair types and colors.The treatment is the Mane-ly Polisher and Mane-ly Conditoner combined as a mixture and applied to the hair and left in the hair. No need to wash prior!No washing before use for hair with burrs, tangles, matts , stains etc…Mix and apply evenly and leave in!..The hair will drink it up within a day. Reapply daily or every few days until the hair starts to feel softer . We suggest using this treatment for 2 weeks for the following:

    -Dry hair

    -Stained hair

    -Damaged hair

    For easier detangling of the following we suggest applying the treatment to unwashed hair overnight .

    -Tangled hair

    -Matted hair

    -Hair twisted with burrs, stickers, etc.

    Once the treatment remedies the problem then use Restore shampoo, conditoner, and polisher. After washing, now maintain with Hydrate 24 and polisher, and shock as needed.

    -Once the treatment corrects the problems switch to maintenance: Hydrate 24 and polisher.

    -Use this treatment, weekly or monthly or as often as you want.

    For lifting urine stains we suggest using this 2 weeks to a month or more..

    Brushing and Washing is permitted after the 2 week treatment, and then maintenance is then continued with our system.