WR Great Scott a 6 yr. old traditional Gypsy Vanner is owned by Debbie Bull of Winsome Blue Farms. He not only has the looks but the movement as well. Big things ahead for this guy too! Thanks to Manely Long Hair for keeping his hair white, silky, smooth and tangle free with SHINE.Makes grooming so much easier and easier to get him Show Ready too!

Spring is around the corner and in some areas like Florida its already summer. The shows have started and if you used your Manely all year round then your horse is Show Ready Ready….take a look at a few of our customer testimonials as they start show season now.

Meet Thorsten and Allison Zarembowicz, they are show ready and excited to be representing Manely Long Hair at their shows. They are our newest Ambassadors. They contacted us after they tried our Polisher  over 2 years ago. “They had tried everything and Manely is THE BEST”.  They train, ride and compete so time and results  is  extremely important. Manely saves time and gives the Horses the healthiest hair and coat all year long,  leaving them more time to ride , train and show. We are excited to bring you these amazing sporthorses and international trainers……

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SHINE BRIGHT….a horse is a horse of course
Hello!  I’m sure you recognize this girl from pictures I have sent you before. I’m not certain you got this lovely before and after 😂  so obviously I absolutely love these products if they can allow a horse to be a horse on the normal daily basis, the shine bright on show days!  I recently got a long coated German shepherd so I ordered your products to try on her.   I haven’t shown my horses in a while but I’ll be back at that this summer!  Thanks to your products getting them show ready with be a breeze!
Melissa Alexander
top: before
bottom: after

My gelding hates to wear a blanket, so he goes naked and unclipped all winter. THANKS TO HYDRATE 24, he stays pretty much mud-free and so soft and shiny. The polisher/detangler keeps his natural mane and tail luxurious!

Liz Hadley

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GREYS, Andalusians are EASY to groom….super system that works

“Thank You Manely Long Hair” it’s an amazing product and system for both my horses and me. Featured is one of my horses; Galan Arm, Andalusian Horse.

We have been using if for years and years and I would not know what I would do without the system! It keeps Galan so clean and white and his mane and tail are super silky smooth, tangle free and strong hair too! We get show ready and photo ready so fast with ease.   THANK YOU! THANK  YOU!  

Amanda Rivas and Galan Arm

A PRODUCT THAT WORKS! Made for Horses , Dogs, People too. High qaulity ingredients that work to keep hair, tangle  free, strong, silky and smooth. Keeps white white without damaging the hair. Makes grooming a breeze and more time for other joys. Check out our website for the 10NOW promo. 10% off plus free ship on all orders over $99.00

limited Holiday 2019 promo

Enjoy the Season all year long with Manely Long Hair.

AS the holidays are approaching it’s time to think of that special gift for a special person.  The Travel/TRIAL Pack is a great gift and quite a teaser for sure, the recipient is going to want lots more! What makes this so nice is  it’s for Horses, Dogs and People too!  A great gift for all! This pack also comes with a $3.00 gift certificate for the 3 pack of large for them to reorder with. So now’s the time to plan ahead and buy the best gift for all!

Happy Holidays and Enjoy Grooming always!


Whether you Show or NOT…grooming is part of owning a horse. Keeping the coat and hair dirt and tangle free is so important for the over health of the horse. Remember dirt attracts, bugs, flies, mites, tangles and an array of various skin diseases to name a few.

Owning a horse can be time consuming between all the duties of upkeep , training and grooming one has limited time and sometimes because of that the grooming part gets neglected.

STOP!....we have a solution for you! We have solved this problem for you. By regualr maintenance with the Manely Long Hair system; a system that is quick to apply and long lasting  in the hair and made for all weather seasons it offers a safe,  fast, effective way of grooming with Show Ready Results, even if you are not showing…YES!

Enjoy these pics of a few Horses that won at Andalusian World Vegas 2019. The trainer is Meghan Holt. The Brown Andalusian horse is  the exquisite Gambler, owner Cheryl Croasmun and the White Horse is Chupy , owned by Shannon Pagliuso

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Mane-ly makes it possible and easier!  Once  I was introduced to the product line and tried it I was amazed and there is nothing better! I ask you to try it you will be glad you did!

Lillian Celeste Cox and her horse Horse Bishop


Did you know that Manely Long Hair is a top-rated grooming product for Dogs too!

All Breed and Hair types love the results of Manely Long Hair products. The great results leave no “stinky” lingering scents and the results are long-lasting too! How is this possible you ask?

Simple! We use only quality ingredients that leave the hair oil-free and protected.  We have had the same quality ingredients for over 20 plus years! Most companies end up using inferior ingredients that cost less with short term results. We will not compromise and use inferior ingredients!




Use Manely for quality, ease and show finish results.  Great for all breed types of hair and for sensitive breed types too! Promo for YOU! $3.00 off the dog/people pack, use code: Dog&People   (limited offer)

Available online the Dog/people pack…and for your hair too!



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Long Live the Dead Hair

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals. Hair growth begins inside the hair follicle. The only “living” portion of the hair is found in the follicle. The hair that is visible is the hair shaft, which exhibits no biochemical activity and is considered “dead”

“Dead” yes dead…so how do we protect dead hair in an unprotected harsh outdoor environment?

-choose Quality products

-choose non oil base products (oil intensifies the rays of the sun and can cause burning and collects dirt which is more drying)

-wash when needed (choose dry grooming as maintenance)

-use proper brushes to remove dirt and spread natural oils as protectors and lubricants

-stay away from harsh detergents , (blues, bleaches, dyes, harsh shampoos and detergents other than for hair usage) which will dry out the hair and damage it further leaving it fragile and more susceptible to breakage and thinning in the  the outdoor environment.

-keep hair clean with application of a detangler and brushing daily, to remove dirt, spread oil and prevent attraction of bugs

-be extra careful with  fly sprays, choose non oil based and dilute if possible and apply over a coat protector (ie: Hydrate 24)



-Use detanglers as maintenance not just as a 911 knot removal MLH Polisher will protect and prevent and help strengthen the hair! Use on dry, dirty, wet or clean hair.

-Keep your brushes clean

-Apply MLH as maintenance use minimum 2-3 xs a week for proper protection, repair & strenthening of hair. As the hair grows  from the follicle use more on exposed older hair.

-Proper preperation prevents and performs…with Manely Long Hair.

-for Horses, Dogs, and People too!


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SWEET BUT DEADLY , Dogs and the sweetener Xylitol

I was recently made aware of the Poisonous affects of  the sweetner “XYLITOL”  IT IS DEADLY  TO Dogs…DEADLY!. A freind on Face Book had shared an article,(THIS is the power of Facebook and instagram that I like) which I appreciated, eventhough it  was quite sad but it was a ncessary read. Once I read this I quickly used the internet to spread this article around.  In fact MANY  people don’t use this sweetener nor know about it either,  but if you do use it…be careful for it’s a poison. My biggest concerns are when we walk our dogs in public areas and what if they find a piece of gum or food with this sweetener….WOW…SCAREY…I will just have to walk them on tighter leashes. Be careful giving your dog a treat, ie: peanut butter or other that might have this in it!

So beware, read your labels before giving your dogs treats…poisons are lurking in our foods that are deadly to dogs!! (maybe to us too!)