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Orange Horse turns white again..do you have a horse with a Nickname….

Nickname ” Pigpen”..Lol Oh dont we know. Even with the orange clay Manely has met its challenge and wins again. As a system the stains will not absorb. Transition the hair then prevent, this is how MLH works and ‘IT WORKS”


Orange stained horse… White again with the MLH SYSTEM…IT WORKS! Do you have a horse with a nickname “Pigpen”..LOL

This is Trooper aka Pigpen. Your product is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so white, especially the mane and tail. Other whitening products do not compare. They also don’t make the hair feel as soft, silky, shiny, and tangle free either, and he smells so good. thank you @cheryl brennan

Thank you Tracy Burnett Estes for introducing me to Sharon and the Manely Long Hair products ❤️


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WHY DO WE GROOM? grooming is just as important as …..



Grooming is not for just the appearance of your horse, but its for the horses health too! Grooming is just as  IMPORTANT AS TRAINING  and RIDING YOUR HORSE!  Proper grooming 101* is for the prevention of skin conditions that can lead to explosive conditions that can be painful and down the road life threatening. GROOMING also createes a bond and is part of basic training. THE END REUSLT WITH GROOMING 101, show ready too!

Proper curry is the most important step starting grooming 101. A proper curry is to remove dirt, dander, hair and spread the horses natural protective oils through out its coat. Unfortuantely there are to many imporoper currys and tools being sold on the market today. We have the “proper curry” and  brushes for 101* grooming.

-*101 Grooming: our 4 step dry grooming, Hydrate 24 and brushing, along witht the care of the mane, tail, forelock, feather and more. Our system is easy , caring and pain free too! Follow our program for success!

Enjoy Groomiing, the results are rewarding for YOU AND YOUR HORSE





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the 6 P’S….Proper Preperation Prevents “Piss” Poor Performance…quality counts

QUALITY AND PREVENTION is the key! Some urine stains actually burn the already damaged unprotected hair THAT WAS DRIED OUT to begin with, penetrating deep into the cuticle thus burning, impossible for it to  come out.. it’s burnt beyond repair! And especially old stains caused by poor performance of low quality products and not being maintained properly to protect and prevent! NOW if the horse owner prevented with proper maintenance  and with a quality detangler /product it will protect and prevent the urine from penetrating, quality detangler needs a keratin..  for when the cuticle is smooth stains sit on the outside.. long story short” proper preparation prevents “PEE” poor performance” .. and maintenance is easy with quality:)🌺 Mane-ly is the quality product you’ve been looking for…a system that works for days and days and days…QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE = ENJOY GROOMING WITH MANELY LONG HAIR
PIC BELOW: Quality product prevents!

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CAME BACK with “BIRDS” and NO ‘BURRS” Gordon setter “Sparty”

Came back with many birds and no BURRS!!! Manely is amazing..no burrs at all after his hunt. We use to use showsheen and he would come back a complete mess…well we tried the Manely for the first time (I use it for my Horses) and the results are unbelievable…I have no idea why I did not use it for my dog before…it says for horses, dogs, people too! Well what a big deal my life will change using it for him regularly…cleaner dog…YAY
Sparty Gordon Setter owned by Suzy Wyckoff

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from Purple to True White….Exclusive grooming product for the Tempel Lipizzans


The Tempel Lipizzans is much like a living history museum where the now endangered domestic breed of horse called the Lipizzan is bred and trained in classical dressage. We are open to the public for performances during the summer months where we exhibit all ages of the Lipizzan horse from foals to the highly trained stallions all set to classical music. In the off season we coordinate Behind-the-Scenes tours for groups and also do private performances.
The Tempel Lipizzans’ 2017 Summer Performance season kicks off on June 14th and goes thrOugh September 12th. www.tempelfarms.com


Before we started using Manely Long Hair, our horses were looking purple and missing that bright white. After learning about Manely Long Hair our horses are  now bright white where they need to be, brings out their true  and natural color…

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flies no more??? Scents make a difference

Manely Long Hair Conditioner is not a fly or bug spray, but the scents are citrus based so less to attract the bugs.

A great testimonial: Thanks Pat for always using MLH Detangler and Conditioner
“As I’ve stated in a previous email, I absolutely LOVE your conditioner and your Polisher/Detangler.

I’ve used your products on all the horses at the barn because the other boarders love what it has
done for my horse.
I discovered something today about your Conditioner. The barn where I board is next to a potato
field and unfortunately they released a ton of flies to deal a potato issue. I’m not quite sure what
it is though. The flies are so bad that we’re constantly harassed by them.
Regardless, after brushing the Conditioner onto his entire body, including legs, I noticed
the less flies were around and the ones that landed on him quickly flew away!!! I didn’t need to
spray him with the fly repellent.
I’m hoping that it’s not a coincidence.
Thank you!
Pat M

*** What is our dry wash system? ***

Use Hydrate 24 & the MLH Brushes!

1. Durable Deep Curry to lift dirt, scurf and dander to the surface of the coat.

2. Blue Flicker Brush to remove dirt and debris from the coat’s surface.

3. Using the Hydrate 24 spray (mixed yourself using your Hydrate 24 kit!) and the Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush, apply the mixture to the brush and then brush over the coat. Any leftover dirt will collect on the brush, whilst the oil free formula distributes evenly on the body coat. Dip your brush into a clean bucket of water to remove dirt and you are ready for next time! Repeat this process until the brush appears clean.

4. Buffer Brush to give a beautiful shine! This is the ultimate finishing tool!

Buy your Brush Kit & Hydrate 24 Kit for the whole system at: www.ManelyLongHair.com

New video post on our website features Sharon demonstrating how easy and effective dry grooming can be. No washing necessary, this method is ideal for all climates.  Manely Long Hair’s easy 4-step process will keep your horses coat clean, hydrated and shiny throughout the year.  Our combination of  four high quality body brushes and the Hydrate 24 spray-on, leave-in conditioning treatment is an efficient way to achieve great results. Watch Sharon demonstrate the 4 steps to illustrate just how easy and quick it can be.

It is important as we enter the cold season to be able to groom as necessary to maintain the overall health and well-being of the horse. Not only for beautiful show-quality horses but for ALL horses, ALL breeds, ALL year long!  Proper grooming with Manely Long Hair products is not only easy, but is preventative against problems that arise when regular grooming can’t be achieved such as dead skin build up which leads to itching and rubbing which leads to hair loss.  Our grooming system is EASY to use and the formulas are LONG-LASTING!  Polisher will not freeze in barn in cold climate areas. Last but not least, grooming feels good for your horse and can be relaxing and stress-relieving for your own benefit when it is as easy as Manely Long Hair.

Dry Grooming Procedure

  • Step 1:  Durable Flex Curry   – to break up and lo0sen dirt with proper flexibility
  • Step 2:  Blue Flicker  – removes lifted dirt from the deep cleanse of the curry comb, stiff and durable
  • Step 3: Hydrate 24 Applicator Brush + Hydrate 24  – Natural fibers of Hydration 24 brush absorb remaining dirt and apply product to body.  Hydrate 24 solution is made from a dilution of exisiting Manely Long Hair Conditioner.
  • Step 4: Buffer Brush  – Buffs and shines leaving coat protected, hydrated and shiny!

Sharon also does a quick walk-through on the ease of maintaining the beautiful, clean, tangle-free mane & tail with Manely Long Hair Polisher & the Maintenance Brush