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WHY DO WE GROOM? grooming is just as important as …..



Grooming is not for just the appearance of your horse, but its for the horses health too! Grooming is just as  IMPORTANT AS TRAINING  and RIDING YOUR HORSE!  Proper grooming 101* is for the prevention of skin conditions that can lead to explosive conditions that can be painful and down the road life threatening. GROOMING also createes a bond and is part of basic training. THE END REUSLT WITH GROOMING 101, show ready too!

Proper curry is the most important step starting grooming 101. A proper curry is to remove dirt, dander, hair and spread the horses natural protective oils through out its coat. Unfortuantely there are to many imporoper currys and tools being sold on the market today. We have the “proper curry” and  brushes for 101* grooming.

-*101 Grooming: our 4 step dry grooming, Hydrate 24 and brushing, along witht the care of the mane, tail, forelock, feather and more. Our system is easy , caring and pain free too! Follow our program for success!

Enjoy Groomiing, the results are rewarding for YOU AND YOUR HORSE





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the 6 P’S….Proper Preperation Prevents “Piss” Poor Performance…quality counts

QUALITY AND PREVENTION is the key! Some urine stains actually burn the already damaged unprotected hair THAT WAS DRIED OUT to begin with, penetrating deep into the cuticle thus burning, impossible for it to  come out.. it’s burnt beyond repair! And especially old stains caused by poor performance of low quality products and not being maintained properly to protect and prevent! NOW if the horse owner prevented with proper maintenance  and with a quality detangler /product it will protect and prevent the urine from penetrating, quality detangler needs a keratin..  for when the cuticle is smooth stains sit on the outside.. long story short” proper preparation prevents “PEE” poor performance” .. and maintenance is easy with quality:)🌺 Mane-ly is the quality product you’ve been looking for…a system that works for days and days and days…QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE = ENJOY GROOMING WITH MANELY LONG HAIR
PIC BELOW: Quality product prevents!

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Aren’t you just tired of inferior results, inferior products…wasting time and money?! Well Stop this Madness because this works!

 I’ve tried them all just like you.For over 20 years, on my various colored horses, black, grey, brown and now a grey, Manely Long Hair products have proven to be the Best. And it works for all! The magic is in the maintenance. The Grey Horse below is out 24/7 and has not been washed in aprox. 8 weeks.  Simply Maintained with the MLH Hydrate 24 System, Polisher/Detangler, Shock Treatment and the Restore Shampoo when washing. Outstanding results are all achieved with Dry Groom and Maintenance. Simple, easy, fact, effective, with show ready results! What more can you ask for?

Horse below is  just a qucik goom and in perfect appearance!

So honetstly this WORKS, it works so well I built a company around it! For I have tried them all!

Quit wasting time, money and quit settling for poor results! 

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Make every Horse a STAR…ON AND OFF SCREEN or pasture LOOKING YOUR BEST…

CONGRATULAIONS TO AMANDA RIVAS AND HER FAMILY, for owning a loving and stunning Andalusian Stallion “GALAN”.  He is currently featured in a video with Pia Mia…she to0 is a beauty.

Over the last (aprox) 6-7 years Amanda has been grooming and maintaining Galan only with Manely. She called me last week,  she was in a complete panic,  because she was running low on MLH and forgot to order more product….(well we got it to her fast for sure). She said I will not use anything else!!! UNDERSTANDABLY!!  So on or off the screen or in pasture maintain with a system that works  and makes every horse a star.

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100 days from zero to HERO
from rags to riches, from zero to hero…a mustangs 100 day journey with Kaylee Kapraun @ 2 k Performance horses…Great trainer, Great Products…its possible…The Best Delivers! ITS THE WOW FACTOR!!!

the first month this horse was not washed and was slowly introduced to dry grooming…see the results of this Mustang Makeover!

“Thank you to those who have helped my mustang for the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Vegas bloom so far in our 100 day Journey together! It is hard to believe this is the same horse!

thank you Manely Long Hair…I groomed him daily to achieve healthier, tangle free, softer, silkier hair and coat….his mane and tail are tangle free always and healthier stronger hair! Dry grooming was easy and the results have been amazing…..

Meet this wild mustang before pic

Before pic

100 day journey, proper training, grooming , feed and nutrients

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CAME BACK with “BIRDS” and NO ‘BURRS” Gordon setter “Sparty”

Came back with many birds and no BURRS!!! Manely is amazing..no burrs at all after his hunt. We use to use showsheen and he would come back a complete mess…well we tried the Manely for the first time (I use it for my Horses) and the results are unbelievable…I have no idea why I did not use it for my dog before…it says for horses, dogs, people too! Well what a big deal my life will change using it for him regularly…cleaner dog…YAY
Sparty Gordon Setter owned by Suzy Wyckoff

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Easy does it with the Blue Ribbon finish..

Easy does it with Manely Long Hair…


Well it’s so easy just love showing people how wonderful the product is.

Clydesdale “Easy” from Rolling Thunder Farm

owner: Jennifer Hemphill

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flies no more??? Scents make a difference

Manely Long Hair Conditioner is not a fly or bug spray, but the scents are citrus based so less to attract the bugs.

A great testimonial: Thanks Pat for always using MLH Detangler and Conditioner
“As I’ve stated in a previous email, I absolutely LOVE your conditioner and your Polisher/Detangler.

I’ve used your products on all the horses at the barn because the other boarders love what it has
done for my horse.
I discovered something today about your Conditioner. The barn where I board is next to a potato
field and unfortunately they released a ton of flies to deal a potato issue. I’m not quite sure what
it is though. The flies are so bad that we’re constantly harassed by them.
Regardless, after brushing the Conditioner onto his entire body, including legs, I noticed
the less flies were around and the ones that landed on him quickly flew away!!! I didn’t need to
spray him with the fly repellent.
I’m hoping that it’s not a coincidence.
Thank you!
Pat M

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly made over site!

Shopping is more user-friendly than ever, easy to access from any device, and featuring new photos, testimonials, blogs, videos and more!

The first 100 customers to purchase off the new webstore will receive a FREE 4oz. Polisher with their order!

A minimum purchase of ONLY $50 will qualify you for the giveaway. Hurry up and place your order today before supplies run out!


Wow what a week. We just spent a week in October, in Lexington, Ky. at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was for The  Rocky Mountain Horses’ International Horse Show. Well we had such a great time with friends old and new. The best part of course was seeing the Magnificent Rocky Mountain Horses at all their gaits and show presence. There are so many wonderful breeds of horses and The Rocky is definitely one of those for sure.

We were so honored to see so many of our customers there too!

They entered their horses in the show and just how fabulous they all looked. I must say they had that something extra about them and Mane-ly Long Hair results was one of them. We thank you all for choosing our products and we were so pleased with so many Blue Ribbon Results!! We were thrilled to be part of getting you that Blue Ribbon too!

Featured here is Scarlett O’Hara , an exquisite example of the Rocky Mountain Breed. She walked and  gaited away with many Blue Ribbons. Thank  you RDJ Farms for grooming with Mane-ly long hair Products. Congratulations on your win, we are proud too!


rsz_dan_downThe Trophy Line was established more than 14 years ago by Sharon Ladman-Sabo when she inherited a potentially beautiful horse named Trophy, who had a very sorry Mane and Tail. Trophy was boarded at a Tennessee Walker Barn in Burbank California and Sharon met many people and horses there, especially Tennessee Walking Horses which are known for their extremely Long-Thick flowing manes and tails among their other great qualities. At the barn Sharon noticed the struggles and time put into maintaining manes and tails and trying to keep them in tangle free shape.

Regular grooming and maintenance was such a difficult task for other owners, and Sharon had experienced her own challenges of getting her own horses mane & tail to grow, that she was motivated into action to create what is now known as Mane-ly Long Hair Products.

Luckily, Sharon had worked in the skin and hair care industry for over 30 years and knew her knowledge and experience to create a line of amazing, long lasting products for Horses, Dogs and People too was much needed and would save many grooming challenges all horse owners experienced.

Mane-ly Long Hair was developed to be easy to use, long lasting, and work on clean or dirty horses. It had to be non-greasy ,remove tangles, repel dust and dirt, add shine and promote growth by reducing breakage with regular grooming. It took months to develop but The Trophy Lines’ Mane-ly Long Hair Product finally developed a polisher, conditioner that did all the above and also helped remove burrs, shavings and more!

Many remarkable and unsolicited Testimonials later, Mane-ly Long Hair products continue to deliver consistent results that serve all your grooming needs.  It’s for all horses, from show horses, to race horses, to back yard ponies, it’s a necessity for you and your horses, for your regular grooming needs.

Nikon Pictures First dwnld09 303HELLO and I welcome you to our new site. I hope you find this easy to use and informative. It was time for a new website, for with technology changing so are the demands of customers. You will find our new site very easy, to the point, with lots of info and interactive with all devices.

The nice thing is Mane-ly Long Hair the product has not needed to change. We have kept the same outstanding formula and it has met the demands of grooming with the same fine product we created over 13 years ago, a creation and passion for my horse, other peoples horses, my dogs and my own thick hair, and yours too.  Our product has met many challenges from the most difficult tangles, and tresses, to the demands for easy grooming and providing the ultimate shine and care for the horses and owners, giving many Blue Ribbon results. There is a saying, “the proof is in the pudding” – take a look at our testimonials and visit FaceBook .

Enjoy, and remember Less Time Grooming, More Time Rriding!

Thank you for visiting,

Sharon Ladman-Sabo