We’re just getting settled from our cross-country trip to Maryland for our second annual event!

What and amazing show, we made so many new friends and saw so many of you we have come to love also!

Weather was good compared to last year, but most important to us was all the people we got to share our vision with!

Our New Products were met with enthusiasm and people are already giving us testimonials about how much they LOVE them!

The New Hydro-Spray Bottle is so easy to use, wait until you try it! It’s easy to fill, pumps like a misty dream and is so quiet, horses don’t mind it a bit!

The Shampoo really is remarkable (if I don’t mind saying so myself) and Arielle and I were the ‘models’ for all the products – what fun!

Pomona Show is next for us here in Cali! Thinking of doing the Washington show too, chime in if u know anything about it!

And remember,  MLH = Less time grooming, more time Riding!


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