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Brushes are not all alike!

LET’S TALK … TOPIC OF THE DAY…Brushes YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE, many just don’t know! Brushing is great for Manes and tails. WHY? Because it actually helps to clean the hair! Removes the 4 D’s; dirt, dust debris, dander, which causes knots and tangles! By brushing and removal of the 4 D’s the hair […]


Yipee!! polisher saves the day, remove the burrs from…the feathers,,the forelocks, the Hair!!! Its so easy people! It allows them TO BRUSH OUT!  BUT REMEMBER IT PREVENTS, and super long lasting , so no need to apply daily….application aprox.  Every 7-10 days!!! It saves $$$$$ and time too!


California is in a drought, Dry groom is what it’s about!! check out our body brushes and Hydrate 24….. No water needed! check out our Hydrate 24. video on our website under our FAQ page.   groom fast, waterless, and results!   Sharon

Established in California 1999

The Trophy Line was established more than 14 years ago by Sharon Ladman-Sabo when she inherited a potentially beautiful horse named Trophy, who had a very sorry Mane and Tail. Trophy was boarded at a Tennessee Walker Barn in Burbank California and Sharon met many people and horses there, especially Tennessee Walking Horses which are […]

Welcome to Our New Site

HELLO and I welcome you to our new site. I hope you find this easy to use and informative. It was time for a new website, for with technology changing so are the demands of customers. You will find our new site very easy, to the point, with lots of info and interactive with all […]