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Why Manely Long Hair and not “the Other?”

    Why MANELY LONG HAIR…well as we say “The Proof is in the Pudding”. How are we different? -Quality, longevity, results, healthier hair and easier grooming! We use quality ingredients that will give longer lasting results. Longer lasting results prevents tangles and produces healthier hair too. Not only is our product quality ingredients but […]

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Orange Horse turns white again..do you have a horse with a Nickname….

Nickname ” Pigpen”..Lol Oh dont we know. Even with the orange clay Manely has met its challenge and wins again. As a system the stains will not absorb. Transition the hair then prevent, this is how MLH works and ‘IT WORKS” THIS IS THE TESTIMONIAL Orange stained horse… White again with the MLH SYSTEM…IT WORKS! […]

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WHY DO WE GROOM? grooming is just as important as …..

Grooming is not for just the appearance of your horse, but its for the horses health too! Grooming is just as  IMPORTANT AS TRAINING  and RIDING YOUR HORSE!  Proper grooming 101* is for the prevention of skin conditions that can lead to explosive conditions that can be painful and down the road life threatening. GROOMING […]

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the 6 P’S….Proper Preperation Prevents “Piss” Poor Performance…quality counts

QUALITY AND PREVENTION is the key! Some urine stains actually burn the already damaged unprotected hair THAT WAS DRIED OUT to begin with, penetrating deep into the cuticle thus burning, impossible for it to  come out.. it’s burnt beyond repair! And especially old stains caused by poor performance of low quality products and not being […]

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Aren’t you just tired of inferior results, inferior products…wasting time and money?! Well Stop this Madness because this works!

 I’ve tried them all just like you.For over 20 years, on my various colored horses, black, grey, brown and now a grey, Manely Long Hair products have proven to be the Best. And it works for all! The magic is in the maintenance. The Grey Horse below is out 24/7 and has not been washed […]

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Make every Horse a STAR…ON AND OFF SCREEN or pasture LOOKING YOUR BEST…

CONGRATULAIONS TO AMANDA RIVAS AND HER FAMILY, for owning a loving and stunning Andalusian Stallion “GALAN”.  He is currently featured in a video with Pia Mia…she to0 is a beauty. Over the last (aprox) 6-7 years Amanda has been grooming and maintaining Galan only with Manely. She called me last week,  she was in a […]

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100 days from zero to HERO

from rags to riches, from zero to hero…a mustangs 100 day journey with Kaylee Kapraun @ 2 k Performance horses…Great trainer, Great Products…its possible…The Best Delivers! ITS THE WOW FACTOR!!! the first month this horse was not washed and was slowly introduced to dry grooming…see the results of this Mustang Makeover! “Thank you to those […]


Mustang Horses are the True Test for Manely Long Hair. This year we have 3 amazing trainers in the Mustang Challenge. They are challenged with traiing a wild Mustang within a few months. Their choice for grooming is the Best, Manely…knots out, grime out, gentle grooming and no washing in these pics..the Wild Mustang is […]

Shocking for sure!!! SHOCK IT!

TAKE a look at the before! A dirty horse….we applied the SHOCK TREATMENT AND THE PIC ON THE RIGHT  are the results the next day! SHOCKING….so easy , apply and go and the next day the dirt DISSOLVES, and the hair is hydrated so the dirt just brushes out easily.  Get the system and enjoy […]