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Long Hair we Care & Know

Long or short we know hair. Manely Long Hair has been around for over 20 years and the formula is quite unique. Made For People, Horses, DOGS too…..we’ve been tested and Proven, read our testimonials too! Now a days quality anything is hard to find! We are QUALITY and our formula has not been compromised!! […]

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GREYS, Andalusians are EASY to groom….super system that works

“Thank You Manely Long Hair” it’s an amazing product and system for both my horses and me. Featured is one of my horses; Galan Arm, Andalusian Horse. We have been using if for years and years and I would not know what I would do without the system! It keeps Galan so clean and white […]

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A PRODUCT THAT WORKS! Made for Horses , Dogs, People too. High qaulity ingredients that work to keep hair, tangle  free, strong, silky and smooth. Keeps white white without damaging the hair. Makes grooming a breeze and more time for other joys. Check out our website for the 10NOW promo. 10% off plus free ship […]

OMG Christmas is coming fast…..

Before you Know it Christmas is here…so get your gifts now! Yes NOW! We have added a few special gift packages just for you and friends  to our site. Please check out these 2 amazing packages under Holiday gifts. Buy either or both of these sets and use code XmasNow, you will get $3.00 off […]

Golden is Great with Manely

We work with so many horses, and our horses are the HAIR Breeds,  Gypsy Vanners. We  seriously  would  not  be  able  to  handle  all  the  hair   . The  hair  stays  tangle  free  for  weeks,  leaving  it  super  soft  and  tangle  free!  We  are  breeders  of  quality  Gypsy  Horses..  Thank  You Manely  Long  Hair. Golden […]

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AS the holidays are approaching it’s time to think of that special gift for a special person.  The Travel/TRIAL Pack is a great gift and quite a teaser for sure, the recipient is going to want lots more! What makes this so nice is  it’s for Horses, Dogs and People too!  A great gift for […]

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Mane-ly makes it possible and easier!  Once  I was introduced to the product line and tried it I was amazed and there is nothing better! I ask you to try it you will be glad you did! Lillian Celeste Cox and her horse Horse Bishop