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Party of the Year with Tempel Lipizzans

 Party of THE YEAR..Manely Long Hair will be here, Tempel Lipizzans official grooming product. The Tempel Lipizzans is with Swan Studios LLC and Trophy Line Manely Long Hair. 2 hrs · In just a few short months our horses will take to the stage again. The work to prepare our riders and horses for our […]

WINTER WEATHER, nice hair is possible and easy

Winter weather can get you down!  Manely makes winter gooming easier and prevents disaster  hair when spring arrives. Take a look at these winter groomed pics! Remember you can have the best hair care so get it now! For horses, dogs people too! featured dry grooming with hydrate 24 system and polisher detangler.

GOT an ICOR….Manely will help all the way…..

  Grooming was easier than any other product we have used! This horse has HAIR and Manely does the task and more.  Don’t waste the time or money with anything us!!! Manely WORKS MIRACLES!! Meet Icor imported from the Netherlands owned by Green Country Gypsy Horses, also a Manely Long Hair customer! Great Before and […]

wake up DOG OWNERS!!

BEST EVER IN 30 Years of grooming DOGS! Testimonial, from our customer who owns a dog grooming store in CANADA… Thank you again and your product is unbelievable and the best detangling product I have tried in close to 30 years of grooming. I’m getting the word out!!:) The dogs are much happier being dematted […]


WINTER IS HERE…grooming is easy with a few easy steps. Important to properly protect the hair during the cold , healthier hair all year round is easy….Tempel Lipizzans discovered Manely and thats all they use…NO more damaged purple Hair…easy to groom over 70 Lipizzans…Take the Tempel advice and switch to Manely Long Hair.!

Black as Midnight shines again!!

Spa day for the girls! This is Eisis. I used hydrate 24 on her body and applied it with the maintenance brush and the applicator brush since she has her full winter coat. Detangler on the mane (which is still growing back in from a major rub out) and tail. Shines and black as midnight! […]

Presto clean again….dry grooming with Hydrate 24

Monica N Karl This is our mini Chica before grooming. She has a winter coat that must be at least 6 inches long and thick! I used hydrate 24 with the maintenance brush to get it into all that hair, then went over it again with the applicator brush. Easy and clean again.

Manely Christmas and HO HO HO…

Eddie wants everyone to have a Very “Manely” Christmas! Remember- Grooming is so much easier in the winter if your using Trophy Line Manely Long Hair products! Cant own a horse without Manely! Christy Smiler Eddie, Rocky Mountain Horse


Cockleburs oh my! Prevent these nasties that destroy the hair! Get them out fast and prevent…testimonial: Liz recommended your product detangler because my mare was introduced to a new pasture that had a million cocklebur in it and one half million ended up in her forelock. Liz told me to use the detangler,I put it […]

Not just for horses…

Its truly unbelievable how I can use one product for all my horses, and dogs and my own hair….Healthy hair for all with longer lasting results! So glad I listened to my friend Ginny, thank you Ginny and Manely Long Hair for such a great product. Arielle


The owner of this magnificent horse and TAIL GALORE….wanted to cut off the tail at the top….so tangled she thought it was impossible! Well luckily one our our customers at the barn had the Manely Long Hair Detangler, and in 1 1/2 hours completely detangles this tail and SAVED IT!!!!! Prevent this disaster and use […]