FLY SPRAYS ..the bad…..the good….the BAD

There are many types of fly sprays…natural to chemical..and many devices to apply. There are spray bottles, misters and creams for hand applied…The number one commonality is that any type of fly spray or application can cause allergies in horses…we see it all the time, yes even the “naturals” too! As a grooming line the problem we see is that when it gets on the manes, tails, forelock and feathers it causes dryness of the hair, for it clogs and… Read More

from Purple to True White….Exclusive grooming product for the Tempel Lipizzans

The Tempel Lipizzans is much like a living history museum where the now endangered domestic breed of horse called the Lipizzan is bred and trained in classical dressage. We are open to the public for performances during the summer months where we exhibit all ages of the Lipizzan horse from foals to the highly trained stallions all set to classical music. In the off season we coordinate Behind-the-Scenes tours for groups and also do private performances. The Tempel Lipizzans’ 2017… Read More

Tempel Lipizzans ..Manely is their exclusive grooming product.

Published on May 18, 2017 Welcome Siglavy Bionda, born May 16th, 2017. It’s his first time out at one day old. This mare travelled from Austria’s Piber Stud farm to Tempel Farms via airplane this fall pregnant with this incredible little guy. Lipizzan foals are born dark and lighten to their characteristic whiteness with age. Tempel :/

FLIES, OH MY…..tis the season and what to do…

Tis the season for FLIES! Did you know that many horses have skin allergies to both the chemical and natural based fly sprays!!! Yes natural too! In fact natural fly sprays use oil bases and oil extracts which prevent proper products from working topically ! Prevents absorption. What does this mean? An application of oil base fly products can intensify the affect of the sun ( sun burn) and prevents products like Manely Long Hair from absorbing into the hair… Read More


Restore the condition of the mane, tail, forelock and feathers. A treatment for all hair types and colors.The treatment is the Mane-ly Polisher and Mane-ly Conditoner combined as a mixture and applied to the hair and left in the hair. No need to wash prior!No washing before use for hair with burrs, tangles, matts , stains etc… Mix and apply evenly and leave in!..The hair will drink it up within a day. Reapply daily or every few days until the… Read More

SHOW READY STEP BY STEP for Long , Healthy Mane & Tail with Manely Long Hair

By Alexandra Kane / 2nd January, 2017 / Blog, How To / A long mane and tail is very often sought after. Whether for the show ring, for aesthetic reasons or for pure enjoyment! A horse or pony with flowing hair often depicts exceptional health from the inside and out. We have put together our ultimate Show Ready guide for growing and maintaining beautiful manes and tails.

DRY GROOMING IS MADE EASY….even with winter coats

New video post on our website features Sharon demonstrating how easy and effective dry grooming can be. No washing necessary, this method is ideal for all climates. Manely Long Hair’s easy 4-step process will keep your horses coat clean, hydrated and shiny throughout the year. Our combination of four high quality body brushes and the Hydrate 24 spray-on, leave-in conditioning treatment is an efficient way to achieve great results. Watch Sharon demonstrate the 4 steps to illustrate just how easy… Read More