Straight from the Grooms mouth: and why does Tempel Lipizzans use Manely only

Straight from the grooms mouth at Tempel Farms:
Manely Long Hair Testimonial, thank you Larissa!
Anyone can tell you that gray horses are some of the hardest horses to keep clean! They show all the stains, dirt, and grime. But with Manely Long hair grooming products, keeping the Tempel Lipizzans clean is a breeze! Their line of grooming and bathing products helps tackle tough stains and maintains an overall healthy and shiny appearance. As a working student, I groom about six to seven horses a day and during the performance seasons I am bathing just as many. Using the grooming tools in conjunction with the Hydrate 24 applicator not only helps cut down on the overall grooming, but maintains the horse’s cleanliness on a day-to-day basis. I can use the Hydrate 24 applicator to completely remove manure and grass stains and give the horse a beautiful, shiny coat.
Manely Long Hair shampoo and conditioner bathing products not only brought out the brightness and whiteness of the Tempel Lipizzan’s coats, but it also maintained their appearance even days after use. As the performance season progressed, I was able to cut down on bathing time and still uphold the level of cleanliness expected of our magnificent horses. The Manely Tail polisher worked to keep the horses’ tails shiny and free of knots and tangles. I was amazed by how well the products held up in the long term and was pleased with the overall look of our Tempel Lippizans.

Welcome Siglavy Bionda

Tuesday this week may have been the first day of spring, but it sure still feels like winter around here. Fortunately, being around horses every day gives us daily reminders that spring is really coming! Asides from the constant shedding of white Lipizzan hair, our first foal arrived two weeks ago and we have more coming in the next two weeks. Seeing these little cuties always brings us joy and keeps reminding us that it will get warm again soon. This video is from 2017 and captures Siglavy Bionda's first steps outside. Enjoy!!Thank you to Swan Studios LLC for your brilliant camera work and editing skills and to Trophy Line Manely Long Hair for keeping our mares looking good even after just having had a baby!#thinkingofspring #Lipizzan #thetempellipizzans #Lipizzanexperience #dreamingofgreen

Posted by The Tempel Lipizzans on Friday, March 23, 2018

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