Did you know that Manely Long Hair is a top-rated grooming product for Dogs too!

All Breed and Hair types love the results of Manely Long Hair products. The great results leave no “stinky” lingering scents and the results are long-lasting too! How is this possible you ask?

Simple! We use only quality ingredients that leave the hair oil-free and protected.  We have had the same quality ingredients for over 20 plus years! Most companies end up using inferior ingredients that cost less with short term results. We will not compromise and use inferior ingredients!




Use Manely for quality, ease and show finish results.  Great for all breed types of hair and for sensitive breed types too! Promo for YOU! $3.00 off the dog/people pack, use code: Dog&People   (limited offer)

Available online the Dog/people pack…and for your hair too!



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