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    • IT WORKS! Virtually LONGER LASTING AND THE BEST PRODUCT on the market today!!
        • In Minutes not hours, Gently Removes Tangles, Knots, Burrs and Matts. Keeps Hair Tangle and Dreadlock Free!
        • Use as Regular Maintenance for great results; adds shine, improves texture and growth. Repels Dust & Dirt. All concentrated formulas!
        • Long Lasting Formula, no residue, no buildup, no stickiness. Clean, Dirty, Wet or Dry Hair! No washing needed! Lasts 2 X’S longer PLUS!
        • Makes grooming Fast & Easy. More time Riding, Less time Grooming!
        • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $95!(contiguous U.S.).
        • FLAT RATE of $7.95 on all other orders!(contiguous U.S.)
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Product Highlight: HYDRATE 24 no Water clean & Shine

Dream Haven Fell



Gypsy Vanner....Shady Spring Stables

Diamond J Quarter Horses

Diamond J Quarter Horses

Sweet Sedona

Sweet Sedona

Before and After

Before and After


Before more Burrs more Burrs

Thornville Dan, an Exquisite Dales Pony

Thornville Dan, an Exquisite Dales Pony

TT Calixto, Andalusian

TT Calixto, Andalusian


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Susie Markley

mud horse all clean

Tonight's version of my mud monster.... Cleaned with hydrate 24 and polisher/ washing! Took less than 20 minutes! I love it...look at the amazing results....Thank you for a great product! Susie Markley my mud horse

Xena Vimercati

xena Vimercati Fresian 1

  Sjoerds the Fresian Showing  and doing exhibitions are really hard on his hair and being so long it has to be braided all the time which is also hard on his hair Manely Long Hair definitely has made a difference . Manely Long Hair really has products that have salvaged his hair, I am glad I found you guys . Sjoerd  has hard hair to maintain and couldn't do it without these products. XENA AND SJOERD FREISAN



‎Dream Hayven Farm, LLC‎ to Trophy Line Manely Long Hair November 16 at 12:23pm · Thanks to your sponsorship of the ACTHA Great American Trail Horse Festival, I just discovered your Detangler product. I've been breeding Fell Ponies for 10 years, and I'm always looking for improved products to use on their amazing manes and tails, (although I'm usually disappointed). Happy to say your stuff is the real deal! I used my stallion Stennerskeugh Danny Boy as my test pony, and your Detangler is so much nicer in every way than any other product I've used. Very satisfied and you have our business!

TT CALIXTO, owned by Elise Lofgren

I absolutely adore your product and swear by it! I have used many different products for both maintenance and show grooming of my stallion TT Calixto and NOTHING has worked as miraculously as Mane-ly Long! Thank you very much!TT CALIXTO AND ELISE LOFGREN


Dales pony…” Thornville Dan”

best blue ribbon thornville dan Here at Baroque Farm, we are always in need of hair products. All of our Iberian horses and Dales Ponies have tons of hair that needs to be cared for on a regular basis. It was not until 2012 that we were told about The Trophy Line, Mane-ly Long Hair products. At first, we were very skeptical as we had tried so many things in the past, but we gave Trophy Line a shot. To this day, ALL of our Equines use Mane-ly Long Hair products for all of their hair care needs. It not only helps to get rid of tangles, but keeps the mane and tail hydrated, and conditioned, and the body hair sleek and shiny. We recommend these products for any animals needing healthy, shiny hair! Randall and Anna Boudin



Exceptional product! Makes maintenance a breeze! Owning Gypsies can be a lot of work....but not with Mane-ly Long Hair,  makes it easier and  pleasure to groom! Keeps our handsome Stallion in prestine condition. His hair healthy and strong all year long, and as you can see he has more than the norm! We we use it on all he horses on the farm! Segways offspring too! Simply the Best!!! Shady Spring Stables......Clarice Francis

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We don’t just sell a product, we solve your grooming problems! A system to allow one to groom faster, easier, and more effectively. Helping to give a longer, silkier, smoother, mane and tail adding shine to the equine coat as well! The product stands on it’s own when used properly. Restoring a horses hair can be process; Time, repetition, and effort. Sometimes quick and sometimes longer, depending on the condition to begin with. BUT Manely improves the overall condition of... Read More


*** Why use the Conditioner/Hydrator after washing? *** Lipids (the building blocks of the hair’s structure!) and proteins inside the hair shaft are replaced with regular use of a good, high quality conditioner. It will also help close the cuticles, preventing damage to the hair. It will smooth and soften to make the hair stronger, healthier and encourage some beautiful growth! Using a great conditioner will help prevent staining, breakage and dry, lifeless locks! (This applies to people and horses!... Read More