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The basic package for starting with Mane-ly Long Hair. Contains all the core product line. A system for a longer, silkier, smoother Mane and tail..

These products will detangle, and assist in keeping the hair detangled longer and in great condition! Best results when used as your Maintenance program( NOT NEEDED DAILY, APROX. 1 x a week)

Economical to use, considering how little it takes to get results!
A great purchase
and easy way to start grooming smarter not harder.

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Product Description

Take a ratty tail to ravishing and maintain a luxurious Mane and Tail. Mane-ly Long Hair products will prevent tangles, remove them in minutes preventing hair loss, and maintain a luxurious mane and tail! Allows one to groom regularly without pulling out the hair! Brushing is important and a little bit of polisher to the dry or wet mane, tail, forelock, and feathers will allow daily brushing to clean and prevent tangles! An application can last approximately 5-10 days and longer depending on the weather, in fact 3 x’s longer plus than any product out now! Non greasy, no residue. De-matts, de-tangles, de-frizz and adds shine, giving a longer, silkier, smoother mane and tail! The Conditioner is a concentrate to hydrate and repair dry frizzy and tangled hair. To be used after shampooing and then rinsed out, also used to make Hydrate 24, a great leave in spray conditioner for the full body, used for our dry grooming, and helps to rehydrate to assist untangling manes and tails too! It is also used on  wet or dry hair . The Polisher is to be left in to protect and detangle(use on wet or dry manes, tails, forelock and feathers). It is a non-greasy, long-lasting formula that repels dirt and allows hair, to remain tangle free for days and up to weeks as reported by users. The brushes are just as important as the products. They are designed specifically to help prevent breakage and maintain the detangled hair – this allows you to brush often and clean hair while preventing tangles!

Small Kit includes:8oz. Polisher, 16oz. Conditioner, 16oz. Restore shampoo, *Hydrate 24 mix and applicator Hydrasol bottle,  Maintenance and Detangler brushes.

******for more info on each product, please go to the product and read the information

Large Kit includes: 32 oz. Polisher, 32 oz. Conditioner, 16oz. Restore shampoo, *Hydrate 24 mix and applicator Hydrasol bottle, Maintenance and Detangler Brush.


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